Survey: Yatse future, give your opinion!

Please find a way to keep supporting Yatse for Android without the ads!

@Tolriq what would happen to the app of those who already purchased it? If you go to the subscription model (and I don’t subscribe) would my app go back to free mode? Or would it stay as it is and get no updates?

Did you try to ask help on reddit or other places, whete it is very likely you will find someone ejo works at Google or knows sbody at G, and willing to help. Maybe even the Kodi/Libreelec community!

Trust me, subscription will not work. Don’t go that way. You will have very few users who are willing to subscribe. Full version Trial + one time purchase is the way I suggest. I am willing to go up around 5 USD/EUR for an app if it is really good. Or, maybe try 2 USD/EUR, and more people will pay, more payment will result in overall more revenue. Put an option after the trial expires, 2 USD to unlock + I would like to support your work with 1, 3, 5, 10 USD (optional). Remember, people from Germany and US are more willing to pay, imagine what is for an avarage German income 2-5 EUR? Not even a hamburger.

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Hi there.
I’m not sure which option to choose… I would choose the model thatby0u know is most successful with your type of app. Compare to others…

I would guess it’s the 2 app freemium model: 1 free with ads and less features, 1 unlocked paid ad-free. Here you could also have inapp purchases for premium features.

I don’t like subscription based apps/services unless very cheap. I pay for mymedia for Alexa very gladly - it’s 5€ per year. Can imagine the same for Yatse but not sure because I hate subscriptions…

But don’t mind me. Look at what isnworking best in the market and do it.

Great work and thanks for your our care.

Hey bud. Put in ads, and a donation request somewhere visible but out of the way.

I’ve bought Yatse a couple times for my family and it’s absolutely the best remote app. Your streaming and casting features are amazing.

Don’t worry about having a couple polite ads in the free version. It’s standard practice and shouldn’t offend anyone who hasn’t paid.

Thanks again, I use your app every day, and it’s miles better than anything else.

Please add an option to donate on the website. Can’t find it. Would be nice with PayPal for instance, as then you get a larger portion of the cake! Just generate a donate button using your PayPal account and put it somewhere visible. Or PM me your PayPal email address, but remember then most others won’t see the option.

I have PayPal donation button on most of my projects (all FOSS), those who have a website and for others just in the In my app of course I can’t link to that, even mentioning PayPal in a String can be risky business! So I, as you I assume use In-app Billing for In-app donations, and consume the “purchases” immediately so people can donate the same item (amount again).

My 3 items are a low amount so when Google takes it cake and taxes, little is left if someone donates 10 NOK which is the lowest option, but important to have a small amount as an option to get people into trying it at least and maybe returning and donating more later when seeing how easy it is (usually one tap and fingerprint accept).

Of course don’t link or even mention it in the app as it is a recipe to get your app suspended!

Cheers from fellow developer

Hi @Tolriq,
Thanks for all your effort in making yatse great!
I unlocked my yatse just to support you as a dev, as i do not use any pro stuff anyways (i think)
So i would go for a subscription model for the pro version, and a free with ads version with a unlocker for removing the ads.

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Google is completely out of control, we know that for a fact already. Dealing with Gestapo would be much easier. However, perhaps you can offer a full retail version on your site without irritating unlockers and trendy marketing schemes that Google seems to love so much.

It would be the same version number as Gestapo Play would offer, though without all their new split API spamware, iron fist dictatorship and general bad ideas.

Unlockers are a pain for the end user, really. If only we could migrate our purchases off that CIA surveillance site and resume without their insanity…

I’m glad one of the options is not a subscription - these always seem to be set at a delusionally high level, especially if it’s an app that’s not constantly used.

Another paying customer here. I dislike ads but am happy with them being in a program if there’s a way to remove them (I normally pay to do so). This seems the best solution for you, since many people will not pay for something that’s a extra for an open-source project (some for philosophical reasons, some financial).

Can you spend less time on Yatse? It seems fairly mature and you just need to keep up with new features. Although, as a software dev, I know there’s always the temptation to do a little more…


(sorry for my english)

I’m use Yatse on 2 devices very occasional. I use app for manage my osmc.

Hum, my last usage is equal to one month +/-.
I don’t use every day/week and i think to unblock this app on my device (second isn’t my device :)).
Why not before ? I don’t need features with unbocker… I didn’t help to unblock for don’t use.

I don’t search to send gift to you, for you very beautiful work.

For force to unblock this app, we need to block usage with x video play per day/week ? i don’t know, if the soluce.

ADS -> for me, it’s to be banished (and i work to block ads on network, ads can be bypass by many solution.)

For me, force to unblock features on app, we need to reduce feature available without unlock this. It’s only the best soluce.



I just installed Kodi about a month ago, I searched for a remote and I found you, people will find the features even not in the fist place.

I just bought the unlocker version just now. I won’t probably use most of the features, but just to support your work :slight_smile: and don’t change anything! eventually google will change how searchs are shown…

Keeep the good job!

It’s the same story with the google search engine. There are documentaries of investigative journalists with stories of companies with the same problem. They lost suddenly the top ranking on the google search engine and a lot of income. Result: Standard answer emails from the marketing department. NO INFORMATION!
But that “blablabla” don’t help you. All lot of your users told the same.
That’s google and you need a solution to improve your situation.
Unfortunately I don’t work with the google play store. But maybe I can give you some input that helps.

You were the first KODI remote control for android.
The other product is a fork of your code.
YOU HAVE THE BEST PRODUCT! (That was the reason, why I bought your full version.)

Now the problem facts:
The best product will always lose against the best marketing.
You have the second place and not the “original” mark… (see next)
The other product has the reference “Original”.
It doesn’t depend if it’s true or not. If it’s written, it’s true for the people.

OK. These are some important facts.

Let’s try to find a solution.

  • Can you change your title in the google play store? “Yatse: Official kodi remote” as Kore do.

I remember you wrote; the other kore product owner was making a deal or contract with the official kodi team. If true, that’s a problem. Maybe you can talk to the kodi team and find a solution. That on their website yatse and kore are both official remote controls and the user has possibility to choose which app he wants.
Try to talk with google is senseless but maybe with the kodi team you can get the important “official” mark and be on the kodi website with a link to the google play store.

  • In my opinion your free yatse app has too many goodies. All you need, you get! For free.
    The normal user has all he needs and that’s good. But if we check your function list, we can find some useful but not necessary things for the pay version.

If a user has your remote control and twice in the month he uses two or three functions that’s only available on the pay version. You will see, he will pay your app. The price is perfect. (inapp payment)

If you want send me a function list and I’ll take a look. (parallel to the kore functions.)
We “open source” guys must help each other. We are coding hours night after night and it’s time to show the big companies who are the makers! They can only make billions because they take a big part of our income and use our knowledge.

All the best

The issue is not really about being ranked 2, it’s that even being 2 it’s not visible for some search terms :frowning:

There’s nothing I can change do fix that, I’m not official and can’t be due to some nice guys at Kodi Team :wink:

So being 2 is OK, being 2 and not visible is not OK but Google does not offer support for 30% share.

Ok buddy, understood… also the hint about the “nice Kodi Team” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

But how can it be, that a newer app with worse rating and customer complaints get #1.
Strange google magic? :dizzy:
Nobody knows the big mystery except some google guys.
Last but not least: The nice store design for small windows. Ranking #2 invisible…

And there is really no way to get personal google support for the store? (incredible)

Your main problem is the bad store design for small windows. (cell phones and pads)
I’ll try to help you if i can and “ping” some friends.

It’s really tricky. Stay strong pal, there will be a way! :fist:

Some years ago I needed microsoft support for a SQL Server Database problem. I bought a support ticket and got personal help for my problem. I always thought to get personal microsoft support is tough!

Hello Tolriq,

I’m a paid user and I made some friends buy the app too … however now I’m concerned that after we purchased, the changes you’re suggesting would limit the features we paid for.

Can you please assure your paid customers that they do not have to pay again to get the same features they already paid for ?

Thank you,
a concerned customer.

Hi Tolriq,
Seems you have been screwed by google, it was bound to happen I guess. I don’t know how the apple store currently works but at one point or another I would expect the same thing to happen there too.
I will pay, whatever you choose to do, but surely my stance is not representative of the target user base. Since you are asking for our opinion, and regardless of what business model you will follow in the end, I would propose to scale down new version releases and devote much less time to yatse than you currently are. I imagine it will be quite hard to do so, but maybe it will be easier than dropping the whole project altogether…
Thank you for all your hard work that allowed us to enjoy kodi in a wholly different way!

I paid when I saw the changelog saying the apps future was in jeopardy.
I voted for paid app with trial although I wouldn’t offer a trial just let the google refund period be the route for people to make up their minds. Perhaps when you updated the app to paid only have a 50% reduction for the first month so the free users find it easier to swallow.
Having two apps, one simple one that’s just the remote may give people the wrong impression of the app overall.
In terms of new people finding you I’d create either a kodi app or a repository with cross promotion between that and the remote.

If the price is reasonable, I’m okay with anything except for a recurring payment/subscription model, unless there is also an option for a perpetual license. Also would love the app on iOS and would certainly buy it.

Hello Tolriq,

I’m a long-term and daily user (with Yatse Unlocker). Another developer has chosen a dual strategy: Perhaps this a solution for you too. Since I’ve removed Google apps ans services (no Google account), I cannot use the streaming features anymore, because the Unlocker is not recognized by Yatse (FAQ suggestions don’t work). So maybe you could offer a the PRO version for F-Droid store too.

Otherwise, 5 to 8 Euros fee per year would be fine with me. The problem is: How to get the payments over F-Droid / Play downloads? I know that some developers offer payment over bank transactions, after the payment you get a passcode that you need to fill in the app settings. Afterwards, the PRO features are unlocked.

I hope you will find a good solution that fits most user’s needs. Ads are the worst option in my point of view.

Hey Tolriq, first of all thanks for this great app! I’m using it for years and years and would continue to do so happily if you chose to go the subscription route.

IMHO that would be the most logical path. Continuous usage = continuous payment. One time payment and 20 years of usage is unfair to devs. That way, with every time the app is being used, price for the user is reduced and your continuous work isn’t paid anymore. That doesn’t make any sense. I’m an it guy and I know what effort it takes to keep a good app up & running.

As I said, suscription does make sense to me. If I continue to use a product which is being developed further and looked after by someone, I pay for it. If I stop using it or kodi / change for something else, I cancel my subscription. Common logic. Fullstop. Pay for what it’s worth while using it. Even more so, if this will keep the app ads free.

I paid for the legacy unlocker, some 4-6 years ago. Don’t even remember how much. But anyway, not enough given the effort you continue to put into this app. This project is well worth to be kept alive.