Add option to donate on the website

Please see my reply here:

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To avoid any issues in my country I need to handle donations as all the other incomes so not that simple in the end :frowning:

And in all cases, while I do appreciate all the donations, I do think I should try to have something better organized to offer a service in exchange.

Perhaps offer a “pro support” contract, annual which gives you a specific badge and your support requests get looked at first - thats a service, and would allow people like me to donate (and the original poster as well)

I already handle support fast for all :wink:

But I should maybe look at things like buymeacoffee or similar website to have donations really handled as personal donations as not related to the apps.

Would even avoid more taxes since the amounts would be low.

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@CircuitSwan @olejon

Took time but finally ended up on creating a Ko-fi account to handle those out of Play Store donations.

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Donated! I hope it helps

Thanks yes it means a lot to keep motivation after more than 10 years of users complaining about Kodi bugs, not understanding network and dealing with all the Google changes to Android.
I must admit I’m a little exhausted.

I feel you, I also work in software and bugs and complaints are never ending. thank you so very very much, i use your product daily and my husband and I are always impressed by the speed at which you patch. I do hope more people tip your kofi fun even in small amounts just so you know we all deeply appreciate your time and work!

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