Survey: Yatse future, give your opinion!



Since Google is now forcing me to think about a different Yatse future here’s a small survey to gather users feedback.

I have no real idea of what the future will be, but asking Yatse users sounds normal, as Yatse is user driven since 7 years.

If you are a free user please also vote at: Survey: Why do you stay on free version?

If you have any other ideas, please comment the post.
If you know people that are not a bot at Google please contact them :slight_smile:

Please vote for Yatse evolution:

  • Fully paid with a trial
  • Split in 2 apps: Complete app fully paid + Kodi remote light (ads + smaller price unlocker)
  • Ads in actual app with more things free.
  • Ads in actual app and lower price special unlocker to remove them without the full unlocker functions
  • Move to iOS and stop Android version except bug fixing
  • Stop Yatse and forget all those years

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Some details about Google being evil and refusing any human contact about their bugs and Play Store:

Since all Google seems to be willing to provide is automated unrelated / false answers, it seems hope to have the issue fixed is now null.

Since I’d like to not drop 7 years of hard work to make a nearly perfect application, it’s now time to think about how to save Yatse, even if it’s going against my convictions about ads and making money from the app.


Can you provide anymore info on how the above choices actually help resolve your issue please? I had a read through the problems with the app being visible / searched. I’m just unsure on how the above options affect that or help.


Currently most users do not pay and those who pay only pay once for lifetime so average revenue per users is near 0. As long as app was visible there where enough new users to generate sales even if only 1%.

The only way to try to survive as Kodi remote is to pay for aquisition with ads that will be way more visible than Yatse despite being ranked #2.

Problem is that with a free app without ads I do not generate enough income to pay for that aquisition.

I never did Yatse to get rich or would have made it differently but all the time I pass on Yatse and support needs to be paid so I can feed my familly. If no income then no time for Yatse.

Problem of this vote is that it’s nearly only votes from paid users so kinda falses result.


Hi Tolriq !

First I’d like to thank you for all these years spend on Yatse to make it better and better all along this time!

It’s been for more than 5 years I’m using Yatse and I never encountered any problem by using it.

To face your problem, have you thought about sponsoring ? Your app is the better app to drive Kodi and other mediacenter apps like emby or plex which have, except for kodi wich is open source, a premium model. Why don’t you approach main developers of Emby or Plex for instance to speak with them about your problem and maybe find a deal to promote your app through theires ? A TV always needs a remote if you see what I mean :smiley:

Another model could be Yatse become a subscription paid app, like many others apps on the Apple Appstore (see Termius business model)

The last model I think could be release Yatse sources and let the community continuing your work. Of course, it works only if Yatse is not your main money income.

Whatever you decide, I’m with you!! :smiley:

Good luck Tolriq!

A french guy :wink:


I’ve donated about 5 times. Actually I am very surprised that I am one of very few people… why not try an ad free subscription? I would pay 20 eur per year.


@Raptor039 I’m actually a competitor to Plex and Emby, I even offer things that their own app require subscriptions. So I doubt they want to push me :slight_smile:

@voidzero Yes nearly no one donate :frowning: And 33% of the donations are made by Germans, next one is 10% by US, all other countries are anecdotical :frowning:
Anyway to have ad free subscription it first require that I put ads in the application it’s one of the options.


@Tolriq why lost your time and efforts by putting ads in Yatse ? Go to see Termius SSH app website.

There is no ad in their app but simply a premium subscription to unlock all features.


This is MAC app :slight_smile: Apple users are used to pay high for things, Android users do not understand subscriptions for apps :frowning: For most apps should be free without ads and devs should be always here answering all their questions for free instantly :slight_smile:

The world is not ready to pay things what they worth.


Just asking (as the infos in the links look like it is not know why this is not visible?), but could the “removal” of the app in the play store have something to do with the donor links in the app?
Know of one app (öffi…a german app for bus/train shedules etc.) which apparently got removed as it had donation options in it, even if that only has shown from other install sources but still had that link in the app code.

For the poll.
I would go with adds in the free version and maybe one unlocker for the adds and one for the full.

Dont think that that many people are out there who would pay after a trial (could be wrong with that).
I myself have tried yatse 3 times before paying for the unlocker (even if i do not need most of the features of unlocked) , while the first 2 times i did not like the app/missed some features (which probably worked but i did not had them set up correctly or so)…if the app at that time would only have been a limited trial i would not have retried it after the first time again and would have stayed with core.


The app is not removed it’s just way less visible and it’s not tied to donation as they are made via InApp and Google have their 30% share on them even if they do not provide the support they should for that very huge price…


Yatse is great. Thanks for creating it.

While I think I’ll use maybe one of the features, I’ve just unlocked it to support you and its development.

For what it’s worth, I think many people might not pay too much attention to the content of the changelogs. I usually don’t because, while it’s great that you make the information available for users, it’s not something I might want to read when I’m trying to start something on my media player.

I think it would be good to surface the information on your position/survey to people in another way too. Maybe in the space an ad would be present.

If android users generally don’t want to pay for apps I think an ad based free solution would be best for everyone. People can enjoy the free app or they can pay to have the ads removed. If you go with a free trial, people with a lower willingness to pay will use one of the other apps. There are a few now. You might have a higher user base and can make use of that to keep ad income.

Thanks again for creating such an amazing app.


Hello, just created an account to respond to this thread.

I have had yatse for a long time on my phones. In fact, I don’t know if I use a free or a paid version (of course I could check it). I think yatse is a good software. And I start thinking how you could earn money from me, in a way I feel good with paying it and having a good deal. The answer is surprisingly simple:

Ad a friendly nag screen to yatse, showing up first time two weeks after installation or 5 days with usages (the one which is later) and showing up from that time once every day you use it. Request for 1 or 2 $/€ (not 5, that’s to much) and the payment disables the nag screen.
Additionally you can unlock bigger (new) features for small fees.

Try to earn from many people a small amount (1 or 2 bucks) instead of bigger amounts (5 or more) from few people. Fortunately that is nowadays easily possible with the app stores.

Why so small amounts? 1 or 2 bucks is an amount I don’t think much about. That is an amount I spend to say thank you for your good work, even if I don’t really have to (can use the app even without spending the money / also ok for an app I use only rarely). At 5 bucks I start to think about it, if I really want to spend that amount.


Apparently the free users don’t vote either!

The few that did vote suggest that too many features are free any little value is seen in paying to unlock. Perhaps consider introducing more restrictions? Maybe limit the library size? Don’t display the shows’ information?


Created an account to respond - if you go a subscription route, you’ll lose me. I paid for the premium version mostly to support you as a dev as I use almost none of the premium features (not to mention that streaming is super-janky - but that’s not an issue because it was a few bucks and I’m fine with it). That seemed worth it. But it is not worth it to me to pay a subscription to maintain those features. If you switch to that model, or if you add ads to the premium version, then I will just switch to Kore and never look back. I imagine most users will do the same.

That being said, ads on the free version actually does seem fair.


@doc there’s no other app that does what Yatse does, it require 2 or 3 apps to do 90% of it. Even just for Kodi part no app exist that propose everything I support including all the latest v18 stuff.

For the trial part it’s not about trial the paid stuff it would be trial of the whole app.

@bmaehr I’m against ads and have fight for 7 years to not use them, but nag screen is even worse, I prefer stop Yatse than putting nag screen in an application.

@ThrowawayAccount none of those options are in the list so well :wink: And to be honest if you prefer to use the bad limited clone over the original ( then it’s your choice and be my guest, but from many point of view I doubt that it helps having a better Play Store and a better remote for you.


@Tolriq thanks so much for this great app.

I just want to say that I appreciate your effort to keep us away from ads. I tend not to trust those apps as much.
I paid for Pro some years ago and I’m willing to support you monthly. That’s the method I think is more fair for devs and users (if you don’t pay, you are the product). This would be a similar model to the one used by OsmAnd and OsmAnd+ ( and I’d be happy to pay that 1,23€/month. I guess that if you could get some thousand subscribers, that would give you enough stability.

All the best!

P.S.: If you open sourced it in the process you could publish it to F-droid :wink:



The one-time premium fee really is unfair… to you. Yatse is certainly the best app I know in terms of usability, features (although I use relatively very few of them), customization, stability, and above all evolution.

I’ve been using it for years and paid the fee after a while just because I thought the work done was more than worth it - I don’t know that I need the premium features. I haven’t donated since but have hesitated more than once… and will today - and regularly from now on, I promise :slight_smile:

A user mentioned 20 $ / yr… I’m pretty sure I’d pay that too, but it does seem very high relative to market practice… so I’d go for 10 / yr if I had to setup a subscription schedule. It does sound that such a solution could be well adapted to your user base.

Thanks a ton for the excellent work, keep it up if you can find a satisfactory solution!


Hey friend! have you ever tried looking up which one of Google’s headquarters is responsible for managing the Play Store and actually calling ? I called Google and Colorado one time because of a Maps issue. And they took care of it for me pretty quickly.


Also: I got the paid version of the app because it works better than kore