Survey: Why do you stay on free version?

Since Google is now forcing me to change the way Yatse is licensed, a little question to all free users:

Why are you staying on free version?
What would make you support my work if you do not need unlocked functions? (Please add a comment)

  • I never pay for apps, whatever reason
  • I do not need the unlocked functions
  • Unlocker price is too high
  • I have no money
  • I prefer ads to support developers

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To be honest, I almost never pay for apps, I only did it once and after a few months the app changed to freeware so it felt useless. Having said that I was going to pay for Yatse, to the point where I clicked the OK button, but then something happened I don’t remember exactly what happened but I blamed Android’s payment method for it.

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Not joking: I don’t even know what actual benefits the unlocked version has. I believe I have paid for Yatse at some point (have been using it for years) because it’s the best app ever made. But I don’t even remember if I did it to support you or if I really wanted some feature.

Perhaps it should be made more clear what the benefits are of unlocking?

I really do not like Google btw. How about using the XDA Labs and F Droid app stores instead? Fdroid is not really user friendly/no smooth experience. And XDA Labs has never notified me of updated apps/is very focused on news/forum. But I will keep using Yatse one way or the other!

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I am still thinking of buying the Pro Version. Not sure if I really need it yet, but I am really grateful to have an app without apps and I really prefer to have the free choice of paying for an app.

Whats really keeping me from buying right now, are some bad experiences with paid apps in the past. So many of them stopped developing after I paid for them and some even got pulled from the store for whatever reason without any notification or anything else.

I still think I will buy soon, but the notifications about some issues with Google make me a little bit worried also.

Hi, i have buy the app. I m using Yaste since many years thank for your work. :+1::+1::+1::+1:

I would pay for the version that is currently free. Maybe £3 for the current free version, and £5 for the Pro version, to be roughly in line with what the Pro version costs now? … or maybe a bit more - £5 and £9 wouldn’t be unreasonable for an actual useful app. (vs some of the daft apps that are out there which might only be worth 99p)

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I purchased the paid version a number of years ago - when and as I can afford I support the developers of software that I find useful and beneficial by donating or purchasing the licence.

I do like free apps, but not if I have to deal with advertising, and much rather pay a one-off licence fee than monthly subscriptions.


I paid sometime ago, yatse is the first and last app. so far I paid for.

I’ve paid the pro version a half year ago. Use the in-app pay function for the transaction. It’s the recommendation from yatse and also cheaper than the store payment.
I don’t know if there are differences from country to country. In Switzerland i bought the app for Fr. 3.80 that are approximately £3 for the pro version. This app deserves it, no doubt!

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I purchased the app on Amazon years ago, but since they removed it from their store I don’t want to pay for it again so I am using the free version now.

I am also in this case, but i noticed the possibilities to use direct paiement on yatse with multi options (bitcoin, paypal, etc;)
I am thinking about buy my first app…

If the title of this thread is requesting information about why people stay on the free version, why is pretty much everyone saying they paid for the app a long time ago??

I have remained on the free version because the app gives a huge feature set with no ads.
This leads to very little incentive to pay. My thoughts were along the lines of “it wouldn’t have stayed around so long if it wasn’t funded well enough, so they don’t need my money”.

The red text in the update notes obviously brought me here and I began to see the truth:
This app exists purely because of the passion from its developer.

This has made me decide that I will happily pay a small one-time fee to support development.
This doesn’t fix the issue with continued funding, but it is something.

I honestly feel like there are features that can be put behind a paywall without ruining the basic function of the app.
Widgets, wallpaper displaying artwork, trackpad, custom commands, more than one host, plus all the other things that are already locked.
I understand there will be people that would not like that change, but it would encourage them to pick between having all the nice fancy things or accepting the app for what the title says “Kodi remote control and cast”.
You have clearly labeled what people should expect from it. Anything more is a bonus, a bonus I now feel guilty I ignored for so long.

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Can someone please tell me how i pay for the pro version as i can’t for the life of me find out where i can buy it other than the unlocker on play store which the dev says not to pay for

I’m a developer it should be free for me

Think about getting pro version, and don’t hesitate to make a donate sometimes, Tolriq take time to make an amazing job to add strong feature to your media center. And watch very interesting plug-in to Yatze to obtain even more features.

Keep on going :clap: :clap: :clap:

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