Jellyfin Music playlists not importing

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Issue description:
Same issue as feerlessleadr and TJ09

Even playlists that I created myself within Jellyfin don’t show up for me, I saw that TJ09 can see those but can’t see imported ones. I only have playlists created within Jellyfin so not sure what’s causing this for me.

Logs: (5.6 KB)

Additional information:

Your server does not return any playlist collection. I’ll need access to it to see what they broke.

Guess im first going to figure out how to allow external access to my Jellyfin instance then. Ill come back to you once i’ve set this up.


I can try to reproduce but I’ll need your exact Jellyfin version, exact settings, exact procedure you follow to create the playlist and so on :frowning:
Way easier to have direct access but if you can’t find out we’ll try the other way.


It was user error.

I created a different user within Jellyfin for the Yatse application, and offcourse this user doesn’t have any playlists so they don’t show up in Yatse.

Switched to my main Jellyfin user profile in Yatse and now everything shows up.