Emby Playlists Don't Import

Be sure to read https://yatse.tv/wiki/debug-yatse-kodi-remote to provide necessary logs and information.

Issue description: First off, just want to say thanks for this application, it works really well. I just discovered that I could use this with emby, and it is working out great for listening to my music via emby.

My only issue so far is that my emby playlists don’t seem to be populating in yatse, either automatically, or through import. I am able to create smart playlists directly in yatse, but the actual emby playlists don’t show.

Logs: here is a log debug-20200809_154209.zip (6.4 KB)

Screenshots: here is a screenshot of what I see when I hit the plus sign and then import. I am not able to click on anything.

Additional information:

What are the name and type of your Emby playlists? Logs seems to show that none are returned by Emby.

They are m3u music playlists imported into emby. Here is a screenshot of my server.

The Awesome, Inc. playlist is different than the one in yatse already, that’s a smart playlist that I created directly on yatse.

Just to eliminate the possibility of the m3u playlists being the issue, I created 2 more playlists within emby itself. 1 was just where I added one song to a new playlist called ‘Test - Non-Smart’ and a second playlists using the emby smart playlist plugin called ‘Test - Smart’.

I thin tried to import again, and get the same issue. Here are the logs:

debug-20200810_083009.zip (3.9 KB)

Smart playlist are not supported, but can’t reproduce your bug.

What Emby version are you using? Can you give me access in private to those so I can see?

Thanks - I didn’t think they would be, but figured it was worth a shot to rule out everything.

I am running version on a Windows 10 Pro server.

I’ll send you a PM with login information. Thanks