Jellyfin Filesystem Playlists Won't Import

Issue description:

My Jellyfin instance has a number of playlists. Yatse import shows me playlists that were created directly within Jellyfin within the UI. It does not show me playlists that were imported from the filesystem as m3u files. Both types of playlist show up in Jellyfin’s UI just fine; Yatse is the only place they don’t show up.

This sounds very similar to this thread but that thread was marked as “solved” without any information on what the solution was so I don’t know how it ended.

I don’t have any way to easily determine if the issue is Jellyfin not returning playlists it should or if Yatse is making the wrong API call. If it turns out to be on Jellyfin’s side, any information on the API calls being made would be appreciated so I can report the bug to them.

Logs: (4.8 KB)


So this is Jellyfin side “issue” they do not report the MediaType of those playlists.

The call is basic one: “https://xxxx/Users/xxxxx/Items?ParentId=xxx&UserId=xxx

You should effectively report to them and link the issue here after. If they do not fix, I’ll probably workaround this.

Thanks for the info! Knowing what to look for allowed me to confirm what’s going on, and I’ve submitted a bug report to Jellyfin. I’ll update this thread if they decide not to fix it.

Seeing the involvement there I’ll add a workaround for that in next version.