Add support for playlists



Improve support for playlist globally

  • Get plex / emby playlists
  • Save and restore now playing playlist
  • Create and update local playlists
  • Make a playlist available offline
  • Implement smart playlist that add sorts and limits to smart filters


It would be awesome to be able to download playlists ofline and have them synced automagically when they are updated on your kodi or in yatse.
Great job already !


This sounds like a great feature request! Love all the list. i would definitely love to be able to download offline a playlist from emby or kodi on demand. Smart playlist support that syncs with kodi or emby also sounds awesome!


Improve support for playlist globally

It will be be awesome to have this working!

Unfortunately smarts playlist on kodi are just for kodi, can’t work with other music players, would be perfect to have Yatse reading and playing smart playlists offline o in local player mode

I’m quite anxious to see this working!

Thanks a lot!


Yatse will never be able to get your smart playlist configuration as Kodi does not allows that, only content.

But Yatse have smart filters that you can save / load and play locally that offers the same functions or even more in some cases :slight_smile:


Thanks @Tolriq, I understand it can’t be done because of Kodi’s limitations to share only content and not configuration yet the smart filters works well, but I was thinking about having music playlist, and it’s a bummer to configure it in Kodi and in Yatse every time you add a song or maybe I don’t use it in an efficient way.
Thanks for your work !


Looks good but still missing filter for “comments” field, is very useful in mp3 files to sort and filter by the comments field.

Is there any way to implement that?


Any update on this? This is the last feature I need to be able to ditch the Plex App!


Still in the plans but Kodi is slowing down that :frowning:

With Kodi 18 soon out and fixing some of the issues (probably at the expense of adding a tons more ;)) I will probably increase priority.