Tasker and Emby server - how to play playlist or exact album on remote DLNA

I googled and researched a lot but still cannot find how exact could i make tasker task to choose and start playing playlist or album by my choise on remote DLNA? Haven’t found any examples with play command. Please, show me where to look for.

Well for the moment this is not really easy :slight_smile:

You need to change renderer to select your dlna device with the associated command in tasker plugin.

For the play part, it’s only directly supported for Kodi and not for playlist, you can open a feature request on this forum so I look into that later.

For the moment you can use the parse voice command command and write english text there, like listen to the album xxx that will listen the album xxx.

Thanks for the quickest reply! It works now with parse voice command.
I made this scenario to play every morning. First Tasker turns on receiver scene with DLNA as source. Then Yatse plugin - select media center - 3.
Then Yatse plugin - select render. Render param-my receiver UDN.( I was frustrated what it is and then how to find it, but finally found it in Yatse, it will look like this 9ab0c000-f668-45de-3216-00a0de83e5a8) and render type: 4. And finally just parse voice command - play Good music album.
UPDATE: I found a strange error - receiver turned on and if yatse starts with emby chosen as media center, it can’t find yamaha dlna server. But if i choose kodi as server, even if it is not turned on, yatse finds DLNA server fast. And Emby could find DLNA server too after it. Maybe it have something to do with the Yamaha Yatse Plugin? I edited script to first choose Kodi as media center, wait for 5 seconds, and then choose Emby as media center, it find Yamaha DLNA ok after it.
Thanks again!

Yes the plugin is associated to a Kodi host, so it’s not loaded unless you select the related Kodi as an host.

Then you can start it’s custom commands.

Since Emby is not a player it does not have a receiver associated so no plugins.