Yatse voice command won't play certain movies

Issue description:

As per the title, commands to watch or play certain movies doesn’t work at all, while other movies work fine.

I’ve captured yatse and kodi logs for a particular example. In this case “Raya and the last dragon”. There is two inputs captured, both did not work. Timestamps from log below:-

2021-03-13 10:41:19: “Watch movie raya and the last dragon”
2021-03-13 10:41:30: “Watch raya and the last dragon”

Why does the movie not play?

Logs:debug.log pasted here → debug log yatse - Pastebin.com


Additional information:

I did some tests where I did the following:

  1. Manually rename movie in Kodi from “Raya and The Last Dragon” to “Raya”, now voice command works “watch movie raya”.

  2. Manually rename movie in Kodi back from “Raya” to “Raya and the last dragon”, voice command works “watch movie raya and the last dragon”

  3. Delete movie from Kodi library, and rescan. Kodi automatically name it “Raya and the last dargon”, voice command DOES NOT work. (logs captured for these inputs).

Look forward to your feedback.

Thank you

So if you do not say movie Google returns it as a tvshow so it’s normal it does not play. Will try to train the agent.

First attempt is due to ID changing on Kodi side when you refresh the media generating a database difference then Google agent failing, I hope training will fix that.

What is training and how does that work? I assume it happens automatically?


This is AI stuff and while most is automatic, fixing issues is manual.