Suspend kodi voice command


I’m using yatse and the voice integration app with Google nest mini via ifttt and working great, love it!

I’m trying to set up some automation to shutdown and start kodi via wake on lan, which only works if you “suspend” kodi rather than shutdown.

Is there a command to suspend kodi via yatse voice and if not can it be added?

Tried suspend device and few others which give no response.

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Why would WOL not work when shutdown is used? You probably just miss a bios setting no?

Good question. Haven’t figured that out yet, its enabled in BIOS and also enabled in librelec according to ethtool. Hence in the meantime I was looking to use suspend as a workaround.

Problem is that after Google ‘AI’ will mix up commands as close and with little words :frowning:

Just doing some troubleshooting with WOL atm. My device wake on lan works correctly from wol gui in Windows, but it doesn’t wake when sent from yatse. Grabbing some wireshark captures to see if anything different.

Most of the kodi commands work well through Google though I noticed it won’t play specific movies (command is seen as sent in voice app but kodi doesn’t play, this is the same if directly using voice from yatse). Does it use the name of movie as it appears in Kodi, or is there another name it uses?


Ok. when I changed wol port in yatse its working from shutdown now. Strange

Strange indeed. The port is only used when devices are not in the same LAN segment. Would like logs to see what is happening.

For the movies it uses the name and original name but I also need a proper issue with logs to see what you say and how Google analyse it.

Sure ill try and replicate the wol issue and get back to you.

RE not playing some movies I’m gonna change title in kodi for one of the ones that doesn’t work and see what happens. I’ll do some troubleshooting and get some logs etc and raise into a separate support request. Ty

Just a quick note that I think the issue is how kodi named this movie. It was by default “Raya and the last dragon”. It would not play with this title, I changed to just “Raya” and it works every time. So I changed back again to “Raya and the last dragon” and now that works fine too.

I will remove from kodi and readd to see if it stops working again with default kodi name and share log if so.


I created seperate support request for the above issue to not mix too many issues in one ticket.

New ticket here with logs attached: Yatse voice command won't play certain movies