Yatse Call plugin

This plugin allows Yatse to forward your received Calls to Kodi main screen and can mute / pause currently playing media if wanter.

Please note that you need to give the necessary permissions to the plugin.

Version 4.0.0: 2021/07/03

  • Some internal fixes

Version 3.3.2: 2021/07/02

  • Some internal fixes

Version 3.3.0: 2021/06/04

  • Support Android 12
  • Properly display Caller name on Kodi on Android 8+

CallPlugin-final.apk (811.2 KB)

Hello Tolriq.

Thanks for the continous update on Yatse remote. Love the app. Using it with KODI.

If possible, could you please bump the version on Call plugin on your website ( 3.3.2 Full version) to a higher number than the Play Store version (4.0.0-limited). Play Store automatically updates the app replacing the sideloaded APK with the limited version. If you can find any way to stop Play Store from updating the sideloaded app I will be greatful.

I have to turn off automatic updates for all my apps just to prevent one app from updating which is kind of an overkill. Of course I have to then update the other apps manually.

Sorry just forgot to update the full version here.

I guess not that many people do find this forum place :frowning:

That was a quick response. Thank you.

Yea, seems like not many people check the forum frequently. I used version 1.1 Full for so long myself without knowing a newer version existed.

I mostly visit the forum only when I have a problem or when looking for whats new but I am happy with the support in the forum.