Call plugin do nothing

Issue description:

I have changed the phone (Realme GT ME with Android 12), and the Yatse Call plugin stop working.

I have grant the necessary permissions (see screenshot).
Installed the play store version and also the “final” published here. I don’t know the difference, It seems have more permission required.

But when call arrive, nothing happen.
Contrary the Notification plugin works like expected.

During the debug mode, I have call the phone, but as explained, the video (on Kodi) continue playback and nothing is displayed on Kodi.

Logs: (15.6 KB)


Additional information:

Thanks in advance!

The final version here allows to show the contact name, Google refuse the permission on Play store.

Anyway I do not see any issues in the logs, it’s like your phone does not call the plugin at all, have you started the plugin at least once and configured it?

Do you use other apps on the phone that could intercept those like a spam prevention app or things like that that block other apps?

Now It’s clear…from post I haven’t understand

Of course!

Nope…or at least for what I know.

I have done a simple test with Tasker, setting the Phone Ringing Event and it works like expected (triggered on incoming call).

Can I do something to help? For me it’s very useful feature.

If you have tasker and know how to use it, you can easily do the same thing as the plugin from tasker with the Yatse tasker plugin.

You can play / pause / mute and send the notification to display the caller id.

Allows more configuration than the plugin.

mhhh…could be a good “workaround”, I’ll try…

I have to investigate to the part “notification to display the caller id”, I guess “play / pause / mute” should be easy…

Anyway, there is something wrong between Yatse call plugin and my phone :frowning:

I can confirm that tasker solution works like a charm :slightly_smiling_face: