Yatse App Always Shows Kodi is Offline but works


I have a strange issue where Yatse running on my Galaxy S10 on my home WiFi often shows that Kodi is Offline, but the remote still works.

Kodi is installed on a Windows 10 PC, and is the latest version (18.1).

The remote still works, so obviously Kodi isn’t offline, but it’s obviously frustrating if I click on something that opens a text box (as the text box doesn’t pop up in Yatse), and play, stop etc controls won’t show if something is playing.

Funnily enough, if I kill the Yatse android app and reopen it, it will often find the server and show as online.


Without the asked logs not a lot I can tell actually :slight_smile: That’s why there’s this nice template :wink:

Kodi support 3 ways of control and Yatse use the 3, looks like an http server issue but again without logs can’t tell anything.