Kodi PVR again returning bad data

Hi, i still have this issue with kodi, Yatse keeps saying Kodi is offline and online.
It makes Yatse unusable. :frowning:
debug-20210503_162215.zip (1.2 MB)

Well once again Kodi returning invalid data.

What PVR addon do you use?

“track”:"-1" → Invalid
“uniqueid”:1368650804 → Invalid
“streamdetails”:"{}" → Invalid

The problem is probably PseudoTV, it happens when im on certain channels, probably not alot to do about it until there’s a stable version of the plugin.

But it’s a normal addon no not a PVR addon? Or there’s is now a PVR addon?

The new beta version runs as a service, from what i understand atleast, it uses IPTV Simple Client. it can be accessed by clicking LiveTV, pretty amazing if it would work the way it should work. Even more amazing is seeing your own tv guide on Yatse :wink:

I’ll add more workaround for those wrong data on Yatse side.

But’s it’s a core Kodi PVR issue with JSON that returns data that does not match the schema. Will report those new fields and hope to have this addressed in v20.

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Wow, that would be wonderful. Thanks again for making this app, still by far my favorite app on Android!