Yatse 8.8.5 beta 1

8.8.5 Beta1:

If you are using Yatse on Android 4.x please join forums to give details about your usages (Survey: Do you use Yatse on Android 4.x and for what purpose?)
Some major libraries are moving toward Android 5+ only, so your information are important to delay (or not) the same requirement in Yatse.

  • As requested by some users, you can now donate via subscriptions. Gives access to a private section on Yatse forum.
  • Settings, hosts and everything that could be saved to Cloud Save can now be exported to password encrypted files for easy backup / restore (Require unlocker)
  • Clicking on the backup file in file explorer, or any cloud provider will directly propose to restore it’s content.
  • Menu entries to add now playing, and now playing playlist items to Yatse favorites.
  • Menu entry to see PVR recording information.
  • Ratings are now visible in grid view for movies/shows/episodes.
  • Removed translations that are less than 50% complete. Translations are crowd sourced, please join translation site to help finish them.
  • Reduce priority of some background things to improve UI performance on older devices.
  • Update the gesture pad to fix some issues and add repeat mode visual indicator.
  • Quick fix to recognize JellyFin 10.x versions.
  • Many details fixes and optimizations.

How do you update to beta version?
Also, for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to set up my libraries. Can someone direct me?

Directly from Play Store listing there’s a button :slight_smile:

And the libraries are to set up on Kodi side, https://kodi.wiki/view/Video_library

OUTSTANDING! Thank you. After years of using this on my phone I’m just now learning all it can do. Much appreciated…

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