Using Jellyfin server to transcode

Hi, I have a Jellyfin server that can hardware transcode (NAS). Can I use the Jellyfin server to do the transcoding, and have Yatse play the transcoded stream on my Android phone?

Well yes just add the Jellyfin server as a source.

You can’t use Jellyfin to transcode random Kodi content.

I do have my Jellyfin server added as a source, but it is not transcoding. Videos played through VLC appear to be direct streaming, and the only transcoding options I see in settings in the app are for BubbleUPNP.

As I understand it Yatse has no built-in player? I know for the Android Jellyfin app, transcoding will not work when using an external player (ie VLC); only the built-in web player will transcode.

Perhaps that is the case here?

Edit: I’ll run some tests to make sure that there is indeed a problem, and I’m not just an idiot.

Edit 2: Just played a 4K file over Cellular Data (no WiFi) - Settings are set at 6 Mbps over Cellular (and just to be safe, WiFi and Chromecast too) - The video got up to 100 Mbps in spots (as shown in the Video Information in VLC while it was playing), so it’s definitely not transcoding down the quality.

Then provide logs How to get debug information and open a proper issue