Force hardware transcoding for Jellyfin

I installed Jellyfin according to How to Install Jellyfin With Hardware Transcoding on Your Synology NAS – Marius Hosting but with Video Acceleration API (VAAPI).

I added Jellyfin in Yatse but the video laggs at some moment. Therefore I think that it does not use the hardware transcoding.
I installed also Kodi with the Jellyfin Plugin and forced there hardware transcoding in the Jellyfin Plugin settings. With this the video is smooth.

Is there a similar setting in Yatse to force Jellyfin for hardware transcoding?

Basically its the same topic which can be found here: Using Jellyfin server to transcode - #3 by Rob2Kx

I wonder what was my answer in that thread that could maybe help you guess what will be my answer here ?

yes, the same :smiley:

Here is my log-file
debug.log (124.1 KB)

I started a TV show and expected hardware transcoding from Jellyfin, but I guess it did not happen because the video laggs.

Logs does not show what Jellyfin do , you need to check their logs too.

I suppose the issue is about the subs, but can’t be sure.

ah, right. Here are the logs from Jellyfin:
FFmpeg.Transcode-2024-06-02_12-54-20.log (22.6 KB)
FFmpeg.Transcode-2024-06-02_12-55-05.log (27.5 KB)
log_20240602.log (20.2 KB)

Well your file have forced subtitles and Jellyfin force the conversion of them despite not really asked.

Not sure there’s an API to force exclude those subs and only rely on external transcoded subs.

ok, thanks for checking.
I attached also the logs from Kodi (with Jellyfin-Plugin):
FFmpeg.Remux-2024-06-02_15-06-37_KODI.log (41.8 KB)
log_20240602_KODI.log (19.5 KB)

If any logs are required let me know

No Kodi support all types of subtitles so there’s no transcoding for them so no issue.

Still not really found a way, as some subs needs to be transcoded.