Unable to FFFD or change download directory

I have just signed upto the trial to make sure features work that I need

So I download the tv shows to the phone this works, but how do I select the SD card instead of internal memory

The other thin is on streamed files i can say skip to 50% through, on downloaded files it starts from beggining even is it says resume @ 15m23s, you cant drag the location to skip or press the fast forward buttons :frowning:

You can configure the download target in advanced settings /advanced.

For the seek for downloaded content I would need logs and details about the player you use.
Mx Player is recommended or VLC but with the beta releases. (And select the proper player in the settings too)

cheers, I thought VLC was the advised one changed to MX Player but still same

I`ll look at getting logs later

debug-20230302_164451.zip (23.4 KB)

Hi please see attached

Well the webserver send the proper data there’s no reason a video app could not seek.

Did you transcode the media when putting it in the cache?

I selected 720 rather than original verison

So on streaming it works fine

on downloads if on HW it wont let me skip on any downloaded files, tried 2 others and it lets me skip if i set it to HW+ or software, but this file still wont let me regardless of setting

audio EAC3 also came up as unsupported on one file?

On Mx Player you need to add some codecs for eac3 I think.

Btw can you provide logs when caching the file to see to what your server transcode?

so this one is transcoded, no matter what i set, HW, HW+, SW i cant skip forword on move the time bar
debug-20230302_192845.zip (568.5 KB)

Well the logs looks ok the requested media should be seekable.

It’s probably a mixup on Jellyfin side with all the subs, seems there’s many in that file.

Can you check Jellyfin side logs and the transcoding logs?

I can if you tell me how and where they are :slight_smile:

In the /log folder somewhere configured :slight_smile:

FFmpeg.Transcode-2023-03-02_20-34-35_cffe44a5cab086d99f4b335c9145f255_1faa7f8c.log (47.3 KB)

Think this is what you mean?

Ok so this is a bit odd

the files i cant fwd/rwd are still in
540136f516266b88ba10a095b51d23b5.mkv ded72f1b7b76e8fbe060ee8845c4fa93.mkv

If i copy these to phone VLC they play fine with hardware encoding

The files are served via an http server due to Android limitations. But it should not matter.

Can you send me the file in private so I can try to repro and see if I need to adjust the webserver headers ?

cheers i have sent you a link

I know trancodin is done via CPU/GPU, but my GPU isnt compatible with Nvideas drivers

Would there be much improve movent on havin a different graphics card, currently is works round 2Mbps on download, but a direct download is 30Mbps (wifi limiting it)

I do not transcode so I don’t really know, but yes gpu transcoding is usually a lot faster.

With that said to be sure to reproduce I need the final transcoded media and not the source in case there’s anything different that would not reproduce, let’s avoid loosing time here.

(Or an access to your server with the exact settings in Yatse would work too)

I have sent you the one from the /home/docker/jellyfin/config/data/transcodes

this is the file that works, if you can tell me where the file is stored on android i can send that too

Hum this is not the file that Yatse receive from the logs the file is 300mb not 600.

The file is at file:////storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.leetzone.android.yatsewidgetfree/files/OfflineMedias/2/20DCD579A39BE781C33E257510683A9C.mkv but you’ll probably need a rooted device to access it.

BTW your transcoded file is larger than the source one, you should probably not transcode in this case :slight_smile: