Synchronize Playlists for Kodi


I have seen this thread Save and edit playlists , using Kodi with central database, but could switch to Plex if necessary.

And I asking myself if it is possible to add one of the following things:

  • export and import of playlists:
    I have playlists like best comedies, best dramas, wife only) and added those on one of my kodi hosts. On the other hosts those lists are not available. If no automatic db sync is possible there, it would also be fine with a manual export/import


  • some other way to somehow manage playlists programmatically ( crud playlist + playlist entries ) … so it could be a job running that exports to an external api (developed by myself) and imports it on the others. Personally, a match by movie name and year would be enough.

Thanks, Markus

There’s 0 API on Kodi side to manage playlists.

Importing Kodi playlists (only non xsp) is planned but no way to export. For Plex / Emby the plan is to allow dual way sync if their API works correctly.

Thank you for the quick response.

I know there is 0 on Kodi side, but somehow you managed to have playlists in Yatse. And this is what I was asking for - to have those local playlists available for the other hosts (configured with the same Kodi server), since I currently have 4 hosts with same Kodi and re-creating playlists on each of them is a real pain.
Additionally one could have multiple devices with Yatse and thats I was asking for export/import … so playlist exported once and import 7 times in my case (2 Yatse, each 4 hosts with same Kodi).

Yes it’s fully internal and tons of hacks due to changing ids on Kodi database.

Currently there’s no way to ensure that an exported playlist is stable in time, so as most of the things I do in Yatse I prefer to not implement something that won’t work 100% of the time. The support impact is way too high.

But you can create the Playlist on Kodi and play them from file mode already.

I totally understand you. No one wants to implement something that is flaky which most probably will bite you in the a… later.

Thanks for the hint! This app is worth every cent and the optional monthly subscription :slight_smile: