Posters, Wallpapers and Rating are missing


Sometimes movie/tv-show posters and/or wallpapers are missing in detail screen and/or in small grid.
Rating is completely missing.
Clearing cache fixes at least the first issue for a day. Then it happens again… (39.6 KB)

  1. There’s no ratings shown in small grid so no issue here.
  2. It seems something is touching Yatse cache folder and remove things.
    Can you check the content of the folder:
    And see if there’s 16 subfolders in it or some are missing? (0-9 a-f)

Hello Tolriq,

  1. Not the rating in grid, but in the detail screen!! Please check the screenshot of “The Scorpion King” (detail screen). Usually the rating was there below the year (2002) and on top of the description and left to the download-button. You know what I mean? Since some less weeks the rating is suddenly gone…

  2. Yes, in your mentioned folder there are all the subfolder 0-9 and a-f. Hmm…

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1 - Then Kodi no more sends it correctly :slight_smile:
Upload your myvideosXX.db in another issue.

Can’t follow 3 things in one thread.

2 - Is your device rooted or have app optimized installed?

  1. I am using 3 Kodis here (living room, kids room, sleeping room). Only MY Yatse (on my LG Nexus 5X) cannot show the rating. The Yatse of my daughter’s mobile phone shows it correctly. :-/

  2. No, not rooted, typically stock. Actually no, no optimized service-apps. Maybe ccleaner, but it should only acting manually. I will delete it and test again.

I’ve already split once the thread won’t do that each time …

Of course check that you have not checked the option show mpaa instead of ratings.

The issue about the missing rating is done. Somehow the “User rating” was checked in the settings. Because there is no user rating, the imdb rating was replaced by an empty string, obviously. After unchecking user rating, it works. Thanks for the hint to check this!

Now the only issue is the randomly missing posters/wallpapers.
Yesterday I cleared the cache, now the issue is back again. Some less newer videos are now without poster/wallpaper suddenly. If I scroll down in my list, after ~10% of scrolling, it looks like that every ~second poster is missing in the small grid. If I change to e.g. grid, even more movies miss the poster. Really strange.

P.S. Forgot to tell you that I am beta user and I am using the latest version of Yatse (however this issue exists already for some weeks).

Well you have something that delete the cache as you are probably low on disk space.
This can happens and Yatse just download the image again.

But when downloading again it fails to write the file saying missing directory but you said you see them :frowning:
I have no real idea about the issue, can be some tools that block access or delete while Yatse tries to write.

Let’s hope it’s ccleaner.

Nah, my phone got 7gb left. So there should be no issue regarding space.

I uploaded a video about this issue (please sit down when you watch it :wink: ):

It is super interesting how random the posters are appear or disappear.

One example: 00:47 Hitch is visible, after scrolling down a bit, it vanished suddenly (00:49) and when I go back again (scrolling up, 00:52) it is visible again - however if I open the detail view of Hitch, the poster is still gone.

Same for pathfinder (first row). The funny thing was: After this video, I opened File Manager and checked for the cache-folder and searched for the path-finder poster. After I found it (!), I went back to Yatse in to the detail view of pathfinder… And voila, the poster appears then… Not sure if there are relations to this…

Since then, I removed ccleaner and also added Yatse to the exception list of android’s optimization list. Maybe something goes wrong, when Yatse is scanning/crawling in background and Android kills it, because it wants to sleep… Just testing.

Because I also deleted the cache, I cannot say if it is working now or not. Not yet, I will report when there are new discoveries.

What do you think about the video?

Yatse can handle kills and everything without an issue.

Your logs where very clear, the image was not present in the cache according to the OS and Yatse was not able to write it to cache again according to OS.

So there’s something outside Yatse that prevent it from doing it’s job, if it was an issue with Yatse the logs would be different as unable to decode or download the image, here all are tied to low level disk access.

Your test for path finder is quite strange. Does your device have external SD card? Have you moved the Yatse cache folder in settings or moved the app to SDCard at OS level ?

Unfortunately, the Nexus5X does NOT have an SD card slot.

“Yatse was not able to write it to cache again according to OS”
I am not sure if this is correct, you will see it in the next video (looks spooky):

The idea behind the video: Posters are not visible in Yatse, leave App does not fix it. But if you browse to the directory where the posters are (actually they are there!!!) and you read (from) the images via another app, then the posters appear also in Yatse.

I had developed a lot with Android in the past, but sadly not in the last 3 years… Maybe there are some other issue, like access/reading restrictions?

Will all due respect I do :wink: And maintain Yatse since 7 years for millions users and kept the 4.73 rating :wink:

I’ll let you read the log errors. And there’s no random permissions errors in a common directory :wink:

2018-07-17 02:22:21.698 Error/ImageRequestCacheStreamFetcher: [email protected]: Error creating temporary file No such file or directory
at Method)
at com.a.a.c.b.j.e(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
at com.a.a.c.b.c.b$

@eusi please contact me by mail I’ll send you an APK with logs at another point to get another error.

But there’s definitively something on your device. The fact that the images are here would mean that the OS returns an error on save and lock the file until someone else access it. Could understand on Windows with AntiVirus but on Android don’t know how it could be possible without root.

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