Plex Server w. Google Account

Dear Tolriq,

I’ve rated and commented yatse on Google Play Store having problems to add a Plex Server. I cannot login, since I have a Plex Account using Google Profile and credentials. I get the message I’ve might used wrong user name or Password.
I turned the debug debug.txt (21.1 KB) mode on and send you this thread, because I think maybe others could have the same issue.
Thanks for feedback, I really love yatse.


You already had my answer by mail.

Error during request: 401 / {“error”:“Invalid email, username, or password.”}

Your account is not a valid account on that server. If it’s a friend account or a account, you need to log in the first screen for and not directly to that server.

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Edith: works now :blush::blush::blush:

Solution: although I use Google credentials I Had to set up an additional Username and Password in my Account settings


Hum I suppose there’s a special log with Google account way, but it’s undocumented so yes Yatse require real accounts on your local server or on