Plex login issue

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Issue description: When trying to add a Plex server for a user with a account and added as a “Plex Home” user, the login in the page with the server connection details and credentials fails.

Logs: (4.2 KB)


Additional information:
This is similar to the issue reported in Plex Server w. Google Account. However, this user doesn’t have an account via the Google account login and uses the manual login with email address and password. I have also set a username in the Plex account and tried logging in with that but that doesn’t work either. It looks like the issue here is because the user doesn’t have an account on the Plex server that Yatse directly tries to connect to. This reply seems to give the solution for this issue but I don’t understand what has to be done for this.

Where and how do I access the first screen for When I try to add a Plex server from the Manage hosts page, it asks for the Plex account credentials and in the next page it does show the Plex server. On clicking the Plex server, it then takes me to the server connection details page which has the IP address of the Plex server, tries to log in using the Plex account credentials and complains that the username/password combination is wrong.

Please let me know if I should provide any additional information or screenshots.

If you use the first page and not skip then all should work without doing anything :frowning:

Can you give me the information in private message so I can reproduce and see what bugs? (change the password to something else for temporary tests).

I have shared the credentials with you via private message. Please let me know if you need any additional information.

For the others will be solved in next release, it’s an issue with forced ssl and secondary accounts.