Plex Playlist and Plex Update Interval?

I saw some threads about adding a feature to import playlists from Plex but they are quite old and just wondered if its still being worked on.

Also, is there a way to force update the library for Plex or set the interval lower? Mine doesn’t seem to be updating fast enough sometimes.

I’ve used this app for ages as a Kodi remote, I can’t believe now I’m using it to play Plex stuff in Android Auto now because Plex’s Android Auto app sucks. Awesome work!

Still planned all the other part are done.

You can swipe down in list to force refresh, the refresh is automatic when the library change and you browse the library in the GUI but throttled to not check too often. What are you doing to need more frequent sync?

I was adding more music to my Plex library and just noticed it wasnt showing up for quite sometime and wasnt sure how to trigger a refresh. Swiping down seems to work though, thanks!

I tried this on Android Auto today after recreating my playlists in the Yatse app last night. There is no option to select a playlist on the Android Auto screen in Yatse :frowning:

Ho yes your right I forget to expose them. Please open a Feature request so I do not forget.

I notice that the Plex host goes offline if not used … is this normal?

Random post on unrelated thread without logs or details? :slight_smile:

Got it up and saw that you liked it. One other quick question and I think this is caused by Android Auto and not your app but if I don’t remove the phone from the usb slot before I shut off the car it wipes the currently playing for some reason. It happens in Plex as well. Is there a way to stop that?

Without logs can’t tell but I suppose your car send a stop command when shutdown instead of a pause when unplugged.

I can get you logs, what directory are they in? Having trouble finding them on Android 10

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Ran in to a few problems here, the file wasn’t in the location specified and it didnt prompt me to zip and email. I restarted and tried again and same thing. I don’t think SDRescan works on Android 10. I have also noticed a few things, If the app isn’t started on my phone then it just sits there when I select the song in Android Auto from my car. I am also getting Plex new Sign In emails almost every couple days from this app(I think that might be their fault though). I do see you already added the playlist function, thanks :slight_smile:

I have never seen in 8 years the logs missing, so this is strange, you probably have some other issues.

But as said without logs I can’t tell anything. For the new login I also needs logs but only reason would be that you have some root tools that randomize stuff they should not.

Tried to change the location too but it only lets me pick internal storage which goes to that folder.

Then I’ll need logcat as you probably have some root tools that interfere the same way they trigger the new logging stuff :frowning:

logcat_enable_debugging.txt (6.4 KB)
This is what happens when I try to enable and disable debugging. Looks like it is being supressed somehow?

Looks like tasker may be doing things, might want to disable it for test?

logcat_02-17-2020_10-25-32.txt (9.4 KB)
With Tasker frozen

This makes no sense :frowning: I’ll send you an APK in PM with logcat for impossible error to see the reason.

I think the Plex Sign-In thing is because my IP keeps changing when traveling with my phone?