Please add a "hide favourites" filter option


I like to use the favourites function to pin media files which I want to watch/hear in the near or far future and also for files which I use often.
It’s a nice function, but every time when I add new media to my library and I want to check them (happens almost daily) the favorites bother me, because I have to scroll past my long and growing favourites list.

I know that you can use a smart filter to filter out the favourites, which I did but these filters reset at every app start and so I have to load the smart filter every time from my list of saved smart filters (which is a long list too).

That may not sound so bad now, especially considering what Yatse already saves you in time and effort, but when you’re tired in the evening after work, tagged your new media and neatly sorted them and then just want to enjoy your collection on the couch, it is getting annoying.
Especially if you have an Android device with full memory that frequently quits Yatse when you switch to other apps, like the unfortunately lethargic, RAM eating, but alternativeless beast called Firefox.

I saw here that default smart filters are not planned.
So could you please consider adding a similar filter like the existing “Only favorites” just with the function to hide all favourites? Because these filters are permanent and not reset after app restart.

Thank you for reading.


PS: Sorry for the long text. I’ve tried to write it comprehensible - which is not easy for me because of my incomplete English and rusty writing skills. I hope there’s no misunderstanding caused by it.

Sorry but no adding things to favorite to hide them makes little sense :slight_smile:

Just uncheck the option favorites first to avoid the scrolling issue :wink:

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Oh, damn. User error.
Thank you for the clarification. :smiley: