Option: Go to Tv Show (on currently playing episode)

When watching a tv show you always start with one episode, and if it is done, you go to next one and press play.

Sometimes it happens that I need to restart Yates for some reason or need to leave the tv show screen for another reason. In those cases, when the current episodes ends, I need to go to the menu → tv show → search for my current tv show → choose season → choose next episode and press play.

I find it helpful if there is a “go to Tv Show” or even a “go to episode” button, when you open the currently playing video screen. It could be similar to the “go to Tv show details” button, reachable via the 3 dots.
This “jump” would allow to come to the tv show and so to the next episode very fast (without going via menu - tv show… etc).

In short: Like in Spotify, click on currently playing track to come to the origin position where it was startet.


Press the top image in the dialog that have the show info :slight_smile:

And how can I change then to the next episode?

When I watch a tv show episode, I would love to be able to jump/navigate to the episode in the episodes list of its tv show (with one click instead of opening the menu, click on tv show, search/choose the current one etc.).

Yatse have many ways to directly start next episodes.

  1. You can directly play next unwatched episodes directly from the show page no need to browse.
  2. From episodes you can play queue next episodes automatically too.
  3. From home screen or overview of tv shows next episodes are directly visible.
  4. Using voice commands just saying play next episode.

You can also of course directly queue some episodes too when starting the first one.

And obviously “some reason” is clearly not precise enough to justify something that rarely happens for most people.

Sure there are some reasons.
Sometimes when I open Yatse it shows “offline”. Then I need to close Yatse and start anew and then it is back “online”.
Sometimes (while watching a tv show) my wife uses Yatse to check for other movies or tv shows.
Sometimes we need to go to remote control or somewhere else.

When this happens just before current episode ends, I manually need to go to menu->tv show->search/choose->season->choose next and press play.

In this case, a comfortable way to start “next episode” would be appreciated.

Your solutions:
#1 and #2 are no options for me.
#3 What is “home screen” in your opinion?
#4 would be an option, never tested it…

Another potential option could be the “custom commands”. Do you know if I can do a “play next episode” via custom commands? (even those are not queued, just depending on the currently playing one)

Of course this feature request is nothing SUPER IMPORTANT, it is more a comfortable way going back to the tv show list of the currently playing episode. As mentioned I am used to this feature from Spotify and other apps.

Sometimes when I open Yatse it shows “offline”.

Then you have an issue and obviously reporting it with logs so that’s it’s fixed would be way better solution :wink:

Remote control is always accessible by swiping from right of screen no need to go to the full remote and leave current screen.

No you can’t just use a custom command.

And you can’t just dismiss options by saying no options for me.
#1 is the fastest way to do exactly what you want.
#2 is also the normal way to do things if you know you’ll watch more episodes.
#3 the home screen is home in left menu, and can be configured as default screen.

Now if you have to use Yatse to do something else then Yatse just can’t remember everything, you need to understand that episode can be started directly from Kodi and not even be present in Yatse. It can be started from a playlist, from a smart playlist, or via many different ways with smart filters. Meaning that next or returning to where the episode was started represent different things than what you’d expect or other users would expect.

When this happens just before current episode ends, I manually need to go to menu->tv show->search/choose->season->choose next and press play.

As explained no, from the 3 dots press the show details then the image then play next.

So there’s already a million ways to play next episodes. Returning to the millions different ways an episode was started is just not possible.

But how to get to the show page (without using menu → search the show etc), is there any short cut (which is more or less my feature request)?

My dream would be:
Coming from this screen

to this

e.g. via the 3dots.

Where to “play next”?

As written press the image ? :slight_smile:

And please do not ignore the important part about logs and your offline issue.

But again to play next episode of the show you never ever have to go to the show page and search anything.
There’s the home section or the overview section of tvshows that will have that episode visible in big on the top left …

Ok, you mean the Overview screen not “show page” or whatever.
Actually, we don’t use/like this Overview, because we are not interested in all of the lanes. Only the “next episode” lane would make sense, but since we have started a lot of tv shows in progress → we would need to scroll here horizontally always to the right one. There are also other reasons, but it makes no sense to share everything with you, since it is just our opinion.

Overall, our workflow is just different. When we are about to watch a tv show, we go into menu → tv shows and choose one. Then we think if we need to watch current episode again (because one of us was fallen asleep) or going over to the next one. After the watching one is done, we need a mechanism to go over to the next one (if we want to watch one more).

  • if we are still positioned in the episode list, no issue, just click on the next one, see the image, read the text and click play
  • if we are on eg. the RC screen (or somewhere else), then I hoped to get a shortcut to come back to the episode list of current episode (shown with screenshots in last comment) = this feature request

If you dont like my idea or if it is to hard to implement (I would assume it is not trivial, because e.g. backing needs to be handled correctly from different point of views UX vs logic), no worries. We just thought it would be nice to come from current episode back to the episodes list. At least we would use it often :wink:

You can configure the rows and their order in the overview screens.

And the last show you saw is always the first, that’s why I try to explain you again and again that’s this is exactly what you are looking for :slight_smile:
If you have unfinished episode they will be there too same for last watched to rewatch with your wife.

This screen was made exactly for your need, you have maybe not looked enough at it to see what it offers.
The order is the proper order for your needs, everything match :slight_smile: Just try to use it instead of requesting a new wheel.

Configure the screens to only show those 3 rows in the order your prefer then try to use it, you’ll be amazed by how your watching flow will be improved.

Edit: And as said press the image in the dialog with show info to open the show list view.

I appreciate your help (to explain everything etc.), but actually you don’t have to convince me that your Overview screen is perfectly design for my needs. No it is not. :slight_smile:

The feature is not only “play next”. The feature is (as topic title shows) “go to tv show (on currently playing episode)”. This offers not only a quick “play next”, but also some more options.

After clicking a lot of times on several images, I found what you probably mean:

On RC I opened the dialog of the “currently playing video”, then I hit the 3 dots and clicked on “Go to TV show details” (I assume you mean this, when you say “show info”):

Then I came to following screen:

Here I clicked on the image, but then just the screen disappeared and I was back in the previous one (see first screenshot).
However after doing this a couple of times, I recognized, that BEHIND the “currently playing video”-dialog, the screen changed. So I “minimized” the dialog and then I came into the tv show list. YES, MY LORD, thats what I was looking for! :heart:

However, I would have still one improvement (that prevented me from finding this “feature” :wink: ). If you click on the image, can you minimize the “currently playing video”-dialog then automatically (to see the list directly)?

I know it’s hard to understand, but I do not work based on people telling me I want this.
I work based on properly explained needs and trying to see proper solution that scales and fit all users.

All the needs you currently have exposed are covered by the screen so, no sorry I won’t stop asking to have the proper reasons and needs.

Explains your other needs to see what can be improved on a global scale, not just what you think is the thing that is needed to fill it.

Take your previous example of closing Yatse.
One is a bug that should be fixed if you report it (I fear you won’t). Second one is you not knowing about the always accessible remote screen removing the need to go to the main remote. Third one can’t be handled. But still 2/3 of your reasons are not reasons just misunderstanding.

I don’t get your answer to my reply… Sounds like you only have read my first two lines of my last reply… The rest was important!

Because, I told you in my last comment that “clicking on the image” opens the “tv show list”, which is the feature I wanted! However, finding this feature is very hard, since the “currently playing video”-dialog is still open (the “tv show list” appears in background). So if you would close this dialog automatically after clicking on the image, I would be 100% satisfied. The question is: Is this possible?

The rest is just continuation of not telling what is missing and just having what just you want.

So honestly I don’t get what you don’t get from my reply.

I request feedback on what is missing in the overview screen for your needs, and you just completely ignore me. So once again do not talk about what you think is the solution but talk about your needs as a whole to improve what was made to fit that needs that seems to not be enough, but you on purpose refuse to explain.

It is very easy… Even the tile of this topic is telling you everything: I would like to have an option within the “Current playing episode”-dialog to go its “tv show list”. That’s it.

After some weird messages, you showed me an option how this is possible (clicking on the image on that dedicated info screen). But this would need one small improvement (I questioned, if this is possible 2 times already?!)…

Instead of trying to understand, which improvement I would like to see within Option: Go to Tv Show (on currently playing episode) - #11 by eusi, the only thing that you are discussing is why you ask all the questions and why you not work based on people telling you… Blabla. What should do with this info? Please answer to my needs/questions/concerns…

I thought I mentioned it aleasy: I dont want to use the overview screen, since it does not fit my needs. I WANT TO GO TO TV SHOW LIST. Do you even read my posts?

And again (as so often, you ignore the most needed questions):

and here

Try to understand WHAT MY ISSUE IS, and NOT try to tell me that EVERYTHING IS HERE. It is not, otherwise I would stop writing.

God, it is so hard to message with you…

Well yes the issue can be on my side of course :slight_smile: Or could it be something else (You know like having to ask 10000 times for logs, …)

Now let me try to explain how things works from the dev point of view since as many you only think for yourself.

Imagine a straight road then a building and the road have to make a detour to pass the building.

Then Eusi comes and tell me I want to have a tunnel under the building. I ask why he does not answer.
Then another guy tells me I want to be able to teleport. Then another guy tells me he wants to fly. And another guy comes and tell me I want you to destroy the building.

In the end the need is none of those the need is to go faster on the other side of the building and the solution is to add a door on the building if not present or automate it’s opening.

So when you keep repeating I want to go to the show page you are not expressing your need you are expressing what you think is the solution to the real need.
You want go to the show page for what?
Play current episode again, covered, play next, covered, resume episode again covered. Something else? Could be covered if you take 10 seconds to express the need and stop repeating I want to go to shows … You want to go there for a reason what is the reason? (BTW you can go to show from those overview items too …)

Yatse is not build to fit what you want, it’s build to fit needs in the best possible ways. Not what one guy think is the only way to solve his only personal needs that it’s forbidden to talk about.

So for the last time what is your real end need ?

Ok, also last time from my side:

This conversation could be handled in 3-4 replys instead of this wall (and your explaining how the world is working).

I ask:
How to come from “currently playing episode”-dialog its “tv show list”.

You answer:
On the “currently playing episode”-dialog click on the 3 dots → show details → click on the image (but be careful you need to minimize the dialog first, because the “tv show list” appears in the background!).

I reply to this:
Oh, nice thank you, thats what I am looking for!
Just one suggestion: Could you minimize the dialog automatically after clicking on the image (change request)?

You say:
Possible answers are:
Of course!
No sorry, this cannot be done because of …


And then again you completely ignore everything I write :slight_smile: I should be used to that seeing how you act each time.

I’m really sorry that you keep not understanding what I write or ignore it on purpose.

I guess I’ll never have the logs for the offline stuff, why fix things and report them.
And I’ll never know what is your need to implement something more logical for all than all the clicks of the current solution.

Feature request are to fit needs not means …

Asking for a car when the need is to get bread on the other side of the road is not a need. And it’s certainly not something I would like to contribute to at least for planet impacts, when there’s a tons of better solutions.

So keep being selfish no problem and reporting the problem on me, but I certainly won’t lost time again trying to have you understand how things works.

But I’m sure one day you will evolve and understand that your need is not to go to the Tv Show Page (Specially when you asked that or either the episode one). Because that page is useless by itself.
What you want to do is something on that page. And by expressing what you want to do on that page I can probably make you gain lot’s of click by not even needing to go there.
And that’s the whole points of needs vs means. Be efficient for everyone …

So no sorry : Answering I can’t or I can on a something that is not a need is not how Yatse reached what it is … Express a final need and you’ll have yes / no and eventually discussion on the how. Express a random mean without explaining the need will always result in asking the need …

So next time, answer the question, solution found done … You see that works on the other side too …

All good. Maybe the language barrier is the problem.
I dont know, actually I dont care at this point. I am just frustrated of this simple thing.
I will not do this again. Costs too much energy and time.