Notification bars - controls customization

As discussed on this post:

It is totally true that there is no “universal-for-all-users” approach on which controls should be displayed at the phone’s notification bars.
Knowing this, imho it would be ideal if each of us were able to customize our own notification bars (small/extended), with the controls and their order as desired (I am more on the “team” of next/previous track rather than jump 30 scds. backwards/forward)

NOTE: I am totally aware that by pressing on the notification bar I can go directly to Yatse full-screen application, and from there perform whatever action I desire; in this sense, it is true that this is a “picky” request. I am also aware that maybe the effort on implementing this is too high and it is not worth for its potential benefit; however, I would personally find such functionality quite useful.

PS: I was thinking on new setting(s) similar to the “Interface settings > Now playing bar buttons” one, but with the possibility of selecting the buttons order (by dragging/dropping them among the list). Maybe it would also be interesting adding to this existing setting the possibility of sorting as well.

Thank you for considering.
Best regards.

Okay, I am a little dumb :frowning:
Until now I was not aware of the “seek in notification” setting, which - if deactivated - turns the notification’s control to “next/previous track” instead of “jump 30 seconds forward/backwards”.

I think this “two profiles” approach is good enough to satisfy the 99.999% of the users (at least I don’t need anything so advanced as my request).

From my side I think this request can be put to the very end of any present/future “to-do” list - or even rejected.

Best regards.

This is the default behavior :wink: So at some point you did enable it.

It could perfectly be that I did so without even noticing :frowning: