Advanced customization of notification


I never use the next and previous buttons from the notification widget, but I do find it useful for the quick play/pause ability. I wouldn’t mind being able to add the 4-direction pad and/or a volume control to the notification or expanded notification view instead.


Direction pad makes no real sense in a notification, you can use widgets for that.

For the volume, just activate the lockscreen option and then the volume key of your phone will control Kodi (or active player in Yatse) even when out of Yatse. (And even screen off).


I definitely wouldn’t say it makes “no real sense”… What I’m actually wanting is a quick way to go back/forward 10/30/60 seconds at any given time without having something floating over a full screen phone app I may be using… So the notification that has a stop/play/forward button already seemed the most logical since it doesn’t cover any part of the screen.
As for the volume, I don’t want my phone hardware button to control Kodi’s volume and want to keep it controlling Android volume, but I wouldn’t mind if my remote Kodi server’s volume still show when I expand the volume control that pops up.
Do you happen to have existing solutions for either of these?


The volume buttons controls Kodi when something is playing and you have the notification.
You usually do not listen at both Kodi and your phone at the same time.
Volume slider can’t exist in notifications.

And so your need is not a directional pad but adaptive seeking :wink: This is totally unrelated to directional keypad. The fact that in some screens in Kodi arrows does that it unrelated.
Anyway you can remap Kodi buttons next / previous to that function for now.

Changing those 2 buttons for smallskip is a possible feature. But quite different from your first ask. (Adaptive seeking is not working on all Kodi versions, so would probably be a fixed duration skip, like 10s or 30s)


To be clear, the 4-direction pad is actually what I was asking for because that’s where I go to skip back, and I had other potential reasons in mind for the addition, but then in my follow up I only gave you the one use case for going back. :wink: But that’s okay, I’m fine with the won’t implement response… I’ll give the Kodi remap workaround a shot, as I think that’ll solve the biggest inconvenience I face. Thank you for your fast responses and suggestion. :slightly_smiling_face: