No thumbnails of albums or artists

Hey guys,

Just bought Yatse to control my Odroid C2 running the latest CoreELEC (Kodi Leia).

Anyway, the problem is that my albuns and artists thumbnails are not showing up in Yatse. It sucks. I love thumbnails…Who doesn’t?

Movies thumbnails are working just fine.

Before you ask, my music library is obsessively organized and tagged, so yes, thumbnails are there and showing up just fine in CoreElec.

My android device is a Xiami A1 running the lasted android 8 update.

Please, help, otherwise I’d like a refund.



The real question is why have you deleted the template for support issue and are not providing any of the asked logs? :slight_smile:

Hey there brother,

Yes, I’ve read it and deleted it…Actually, I didn’t even read it, to be honest. lol

Actually, I was expecting the app to just work out of the box, like probably all other apps I have. I’m not really looking forward to spend my time debugging a remote control app, with all due respect…This is you work.

What do I have to do in order for you to properly help me?


Read the link I just gave you again?

I can’t help you against your will and can’t guess what versions and settings you have in Kodi :wink:

So why are you using beta Kodi versions that are unstable and with bugs and assume it’s Yatse job to fix something without you giving any necessary information?

Actually, I just asked for a refund.

You should treat your clients more respectfully.

Good luck and goodbye.

Yep of course, you come in a place with a message, delete the message and explain me that I should fix an issue that only have by using a modified Kodi version in a unstable state :slight_smile:

I don’t think coreElec is listed anywhere in supported things, and for the record Yatse is free without ads for your need.

And to finish, respect is something that is earned, I’m not your dog despite what you seem to think.

Since I did get the logs let’s details for other users:

2018-10-26 11:40:57.193 Verbose/KodiLogger: <-- [273] 404 Not Found (171ms, 82-byte body)
2018-10-26 11:40:57.195 Verbose/KodiLogger: <-- [273] File not foundFile not found
2018-10-26 11:40:57.196 Error/ImageRequestCacheStreamFetcher: [email protected]: getImageInputStream [] failed with http: 404
2018-10-26 11:40:57.198 Verbose/ImageRequestCacheStreamFetcher: [email protected]: Null image

Your Kodi is refusing access to the images due to that was not completely thought before merging.

So your issues is due to a “Kodi security feature” and the Wiki have the workaround, add a source that point to /var/media to allow access.

Wonderful, despite your trash talking, issue solved and not related to Yatse at all :wink:
Have a nice day and do not hesitate to check in the dictionary what respect is.

@Tolriq, sorry I don’t undersstand. Can you please link to the Wiki you reference which explains what you mean by adding a source that points to /var/media?

/var/media on what device? You mean a Kodi source, right?

For you it’s a source to /storage :wink:

And yes inside Kodi like in file or video part, be sure to set no media type to avoid duplicates in the DB.

About the source it’s actually the FAQ and in I answered a little fast to that … guy that irritated me a little.

If Kodi do not fix the issue as they do not answer to my report then I’ll add a proper entry for one more “feature”