Issues with H.265 videos

These videos do not play via Yaste with VLC or any other player but they play nicely with VLC if streaming over SMB. With Yatse, all I see is a black screen on vlc. Sometimes, they play but without any audio. They also have no issues playing with official emby app. I have two android devices and face same issue on both. I have emailed you the log file with a link to this topic. H.264 videos play fine with Yatse.

You have not enabled all the audio codecs in the settings, so there’s transcoding. And it seems the transcoded content is not compatible with VLC.

Not much I can do, update your settings to stop transcoding.

You should also select VLC as the player in the settings to optimize for it.

Enabling all codes does make video play with audio but there is another issue now. These high bitrate videos buffer a lot over both local and remote connections but do not if playing through official emby app. I have selected VLC in the settings. I have wifi 6 router and 5g on mobile. Hence, playback over official emby app is very smooth with near instantaneous seek. With Yatse however, there is a lot of buffering.

Then configure a max wifi bitrate in the settings :slight_smile:

Bitrate was already set to original for all (I changed after sending you logs). However, now video plays smoothly, don’t know why. Further, I tried changing bitrate to 2mbps for all and playback is still smooth for a 70mbps file. I always had transcoding disabled from Emby server.