Interface modification proposal

This is the best KODI remote control I’ve ever used.
However, it has a few hardly legible positions (vertical).
Maybe it can be improved? My proposal in the pictures.
Thank you for an excellent job.

There’s a thread about this :wink: Now playing screen rework

But stop is nearly not used, would be ugly there and you can always long press the play button to stop.

Share is 0 used so well.

For the playlist you can just swipe up in the screen to see it.

For the rest yes there changes to be made but you need to take in account all cases including landscape / tablets and non audio content.

This is just a suggestion :slight_smile:
And by the way - what should be displayed here? (photo)

The fanart, bio, genres, years, all info available for scraped artists.

Fanarts are not displayed. They are on the monitor, there is no in the application. My fanarts are on the NAS in the artist folder (Artist / extrafanart / fanart1, 2 3 … For example, in the Freddie Mercury folder there are a dozen fanarts that are displayed on the monitor.

Fanart are displayed if correctly send by Kodi :wink:

How to get debug information and open a proper issue for proper issue with logs during sync.

What the GUI and some addons can do and what Kodi API do and return are 2 very different world.