Google Play Store, your device is not compatible with this version


I’m trying to reinstall Yatse remote but i can’t download it because Google Play Store is displaying this error message:

“Your device is not compatible with this version”
My device is Samsung S7, Android version 8.0


Is one solution.

Already tried this solution, no luck in solving this issue.

Well there’s not a lot I can do as it’s Google issue, I have absolutely no control over it.

There’s plenty of article about their bug, maybe one of them have a solution for you.

OK thanks, ill do the search and hopefully i can find a solution.

Thank you for your support.

Hi, I’m having the same issue on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 except the message I receive says “This app isn’t compatible with your device anymore. Please contact the developers for more info.”

Any solution?

So far I’ve been able to install the apk independently (from but this is just a workaround.

Either your Play Store have an issue or you are in the very few arabic countries I’ve disabled Yatse due to only giving bad ratings for not understand what the application is.

Thanks for responding.

I can understand your reasoning but I urge you to reconsider. It’s unfair to block entire regions just because a few idiots who don’t read give bad ratings.

In my case, I’m a paying customer. I paid for the original Yatse Unlocker (legacy) back in the day. I would gladly pay again for Yatse (without the legacy unlocker) because it’s a great app.

Well just to be clear in those regions the rating was 1… No one took time to rate 5, the very few who did intend to rate 5 did rate 1 because of the RTL issue with the stars. And conversion rate was about 0,001% :wink:

So I’m sorry there’s nothing to reconsider currently :frowning: If the app was translated in arabic and the play store description and Play Store was not broken that would be another story.

Well, damn.

So even though I paid for it I can no longer download it from Google Play because… Politics? Ratings? Hissy fits?

The app is fantastic, it’s the best Kodi remote around (and that’s including the official one) so it sucks that paying customers, like myself, have to miss out because of this.

Isn’t there anything you can do? Can I get a refund?

As you said you can download from Apk Mirror.

And just to be clear there’s nowhere anything that says that when you purchase at time X you will have hundreds of new things for ever after that time X. You have what you purchase at that time that the only thing. If google does not allow you to still access what you paid for then it’s a Google issue.

I’m one of the rare to ensure monthly updates since 7 years, but you still have everything you paid for.
And you are really asking for a refund of 3€ many years later?

When you purchase a car you have a new free car every year, and if 4 years later no new free car you get a refund for the car you used for 4 years?

Sometimes I really wonder why I bother so much about users and do everything for them and read things like that.

I should do like all others put tons of ads, drop app every years to build a new one to force to pay and provide 0 support …

First of all, thank you for the many years of Yatse that you have provided for me.

It’s definitely not a Google store issue since it’s happening on multiple devices from different users. The only thing we have in common is that we’re all in the same region.

Therefore it must be as you said that we “are in the very few arabic countries” that you have disabled Yatse. Which seems to imply some sort of prejudice against Arabic users.

If I buy a car I can effectively resell it later. I can’t resell your app. Your analogy makes no sense.

And just to be clear there’s nothing anywhere that says that when customers make a purchase they may be unable to access it later due to the developer’s mood changing.

You’re the one who set the price. Even if it was 1€, regardless of how much time has passed, the point remains that it was a fair trade. You could fill it with ads if you want but you’d risk pushing people away. Regardless, since I paid for the Pro edition this would not impact me since it wouldn’t have ads anyway.

You’re one of the rare to ensure monthly updates, sure. But when I compare to the other developers who do the same, I’ve never once seen this sort of response or lack of concern. Take Kodi for example, which started as XBMC in 2004, 15 years and still getting regular updates. It’s free, no ads, and has a thriving community supported by an amazing developer.

How you wish to build your app is up to you. You’re the developer and as your app’s users and your customers we have to respect that. But you also have to respect your customers. I understand that you put hard work into Yatse and you only ask for small donations to help you continue, and I appreciate that. As as I said, I’d be more than willing to donate again since I feel you deserve to be compensated for your hard work.

There is no doubt that there are a lot of unappreciative people who whine and complain without even fully understanding your app. That’s no excuse to treat the rest of your customers like dirt and condescend to us. From the various user comments, it’s evident that you have issues with your userbase and lack the soft skills to deal with them.

I’m not actually interested in a refund but I was curious as to how you would respond. I wasn’t attacking you or criticizing you but the way you responded tells me that you’ve been struggling for a long time, not just as a software developer but as a person as well. I hope that you will heal and improve.

And once again, thank you for the many years of Yatse that you have provided. Have a wonderful evening.

You are clearly mixing a lot of things and should document more about Kodi :wink: And see a little more the kind of answer they give :wink: How many things they dropped and how the future will be.

  1. This is a Google issue, I decided to stop distributing new versions for the countries who give 0 money and hurt the app with the ratings. The fact that you can’t download again the version you already had is a Google issue they do the distribution. This is not tied to mood but market reality.

  2. The analogy makes total sense, you are currently complaining and telling me that I’m a bad person for doing what I’m forced to do, despite understanding that I have not removed you anything you still have access to what you paid for and it’s still 100% working. Yes downloading new version that I provide for free took 1 more step due to Google way of distributing your apps. But I did not remove you anything.

  3. You should read a little more about the global user base, ratings are not random, I do respect people who respect. There’s always people who either just put stupid on Play Store without reading and it’s fun you talk about that without reading the link I gave :wink: Anyway your comments here clearly shows that I’m not the one with an issue. I have not removed anything from you, you think that your personal need is more important that the future of the application it’s your selfish point of view, not the reality one.

So once again you still have what you paid for, and can still have more for one more click than before. Nothing have changed.
Yet those countries hurt the future of the app and had to be disabled, this is real life.
When an employee in a company cost a lot, does not produce anything and impact the company by defaming it he he fired.

Of course you have made your mind and as the few who “know” better, I should not loose time trying to explain the reality of things. But you wont change your mind.
What other response did you expect, ho I’m sorry I have made a random change for no reason I will revert it because you know better? Asking for the refund after so many years was just so ridiculous that I did not even knew if I should answer. I guess I should not.

And to finish:

You should also document yourself a lot more about Google way of acting, they have already removed apps that users did purchase and even removed them remotely from users devices (This is not the case here). They have recently changed Play Store rules for SMS/ Call permissions, meaning that many users who paid from some functions now have loosed those functions because of Google.

Dude, you could have easily said “sorry, no refunds.” I intentionally posed it as an open question not a ridiculous demand for a refund after so many years. There’s no need to be condescending.

What’s confusing is that you keep contradicting yourself: You say it’s a Google Play Store problem but then you say that you removed Yatse from certain countries due to whatever issues you’re having with them. I’m not debating these issues. And of course you continue to condescend by arguing about who knows better. I’m not even arguing with you about that; you are the developer you already know what works best for you. I simply asked why it’s telling me that the app is not compatible with my device.

You need to acknowledge that you don’t exist in a vacuum. You’re in an ecosystem full of relationships. It doesn’t help you at all to behave like this. At the end of the day I, among many others, am on your side. Have you ever heard from me before this? I’ve been using Yatse for years but never once did I question you until the app was no longer accessible on the Play Store.

In any case, thank you for taking the time to answer and provide this information. Have a good day.

You should read again the content and tone of your messages :wink:

And no I’m not contradicting myself at all let’s try one more time since you continue to refuse to read what I wrote.


That’s also the reason why the Legacy Unlocker is still visible on Play Store, because Google bugs and some users despite having purchased it could not more install it (And Google rules / policy / documentation says that they should be able to)

So unlike you, I do see the global issue, I do understand why I made those decisions and I did took time to explain them nicely to you. The fact that you decided to be aggressive and wanted to argue just to try to prove a non existant point was your choice.

When Sony decided to stop selling new phones in India, do you think all Indians came on Sony forums “urging them to reconsider”? Did they ask for refund for their old devices?

Do you really think writing this without reading and trying to understand the answer is nice?

Wow, condescending yet again, that’ll win me over. I now understand why people think you’re a difficult person to work with.

It doesn’t matter how I say things, you will twist my words. English is clearly not your first language and I’m sorry that I wasn’t clear enough for you to understand.

Read my messages again. There was no tone implied. You inferred that I was being aggressive while I being purely inquisitive.

Let’s ignore all the rest then :wink:

You do realize that you do not work with me? You are trying to force my hand to do something you want, this is quite a different story. So glad you understand something that is once again wrong and ignore the millions other that say otherwise. Obeying to stupid orders and working with are very very different things. Yatse is 100% made by working with real users, who respect others and understand the reality of market and have a global vision.

I really love how you are saying that I twist your words that I just copy paste, but you ignore how you twisted mines to reach the conclusion that I was contradicting myself.

I suppose agreeing blindly what you say is what you expect, but as I do not show any respect to people unable to respect other, I certainly won’t agree on false things just to please someone.

One day people will open their eyes on what they expect on Internet and real life :wink:

BTW telling you that you are wrong is not being condescending it’s being honest with you, I’m really sorry that you seems to not understand the difference.

Tolriq, who is forcing you to do anything? I never intended to suggest that I will “force” you to do anything. That would be rude.

I asked a question and you answered, then you went off on a tangent about people not appreciating your work. Then you assumed I was attacking you. I got frustrated with that. Even now your reply is overdefensive and you sling arrows back at me, but I won’t fire back.

If I had made an incorrect statement, telling me that I’m wrong and correcting me is perfectly fine, however, you took the extra mile and proceeded to basically say that I’m disrespecting you. But I did not make any statements about your business. The only statement I made was that Yatse is a great app and that I’d love to continue using it through Google Play Store.

I will clarify that when you said that you had intentionally disabled Yatse in some countries I just asked if you would reconsider unblocking it. I wasn’t questioning your judgement or disrespecting you. On the contrary, I sincerely appreciate the effort you put into developing Yatse over the years and I would hate to misjudge you.

Anyway, this discussion is over, you seem stressed, and I don’t want to waste any more of our time. Thank you for responding, Tolriq.

P.S. If you need to talk you can PM me. I know that software development can be insanely stressful.

Once again you forget a part :wink: Your message that triggered the rest on purpose :wink:

So what this thread shows is:

You asked a question, had and answer, insisted a lot to reconsider and telling me that I’m unfair, had an answer explaining you why I would not reconsider, then you went off with that message.

I’m not stressed, I just love people who can’t stop once started, and I still think that maybe at some point they will take time to look again at the situation with fresh eyes and see that reality is often quite different from what they think. There’s 2 side of a story, and if you take time to read this thread from the start, the real story may be different from the one you are telling.

Seriously? Yet again, you want to fire me up by twisting my words. You want quotes?

You triggered this whole discussion not me. I asked a question then you replied by condescending. I didn’t say you were being unfair, I said specifically as follows:

To which you could have simply replied “Sorry, no refunds.”

But instead you went on a rant:

Re-read the entire thread and you’ll see that you got fired up for no reason. I got fired up because you are being a condescending prick. I wish you were just saying “hey you’re wrong about this” but you’re not. You’re being obnoxious.

Anyway, thanks for proving my point. Go back to your comfort zone, listen to your favourite track, and chill out. There’s no reason for this carry on.