Dynamic wallpaper

Hello ! (French, but i’ll try my best :p)

Long time Yatse user, i liked the dynamic wallpaper feature on my old LG G2.

But since ive upgraded for a OnePlus6 (Android 9 Pie), its just not working anymore.

Any idea ? (i know Oneplus has its own launcher, mybe needs some auth ? idk …)

Love you Tolriq, keep it up !

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Why not start by not removing the template and provide the asked logs ? :slight_smile:

Sorry for the template :x:

Here is the log ;
debug-20190224_155624.zip (1.6 MB)

I was testing with the movie “interstellar”, i guess would be faster search in the logs with this keyword.

So its showing the fanart properly on the lock screen while playing a movie, not on the background.

2019-02-24 15:54:21.878 Verbose/WallpaperHelper: [email protected]: Changing Wallpaper
2019-02-24 15:54:21.880 Verbose/WallpaperHelper: [email protected]: Live wallpaper and not forced

You currently have a live wallpaper and have not checked the option to allow to replace it (Live wallpaper can’t be restored).

Where do i find that option to replace the live walpaper ?

At the exact same place in expert part? Wiki gives details and is nice to be read :wink:

Well i think i found out …

My wallpapers options were good in general parameters, and i tried everything about wallpapers on and off, nothing was working, thats why im here today but …

Now im checking into advanced parameters, and i had “Disabling download fonctions” checked ( since i thought it was just about local sync, wanted to make sure not to download huge movies on the phone)

I just unchecked it and got my walpapers back on the background, so this fonction is also about downloading images hehe.

Now i look stupid, its been a year, not working properly, could have figured it out myself …

Sorry Tolriq, didnt want to make you lose ur time, thanks for the help anyway, i’ll buy you a beer trought paypal :kissing_heart:

Thanks option have nothing to do at all with the issue I did gave the answer earlier :wink:
You changed something else at the same but well it works now :wink:

Right, now disabling download fonction again and its still working …

Well, no matter what i did, not touching shit anymore :smiley:

Thanks again, have a great day !

Well …

It was working for an hour or two, not anymore, havent touched anything and can’ t figure how to get it back … Something must be wrong with my phone.

Provide new logs and be sure to have the option I told you activated!

debug-20190225_114905.zip (46.3 KB) Same movie, search for “interstellar”

2019-02-25 11:48:30.537 Verbose/WallpaperHelper: [email protected]: Changing Wallpaper
2019-02-25 11:48:30.538 Verbose/WallpaperHelper: [email protected]: No previous backup, do backup
2019-02-25 11:48:30.539 Error/WallpaperHelper: [email protected]: No old wallpaper
2019-02-25 11:48:30.539 Verbose/WallpaperHelper: [email protected]: Wallpaper not backuped, ignoring update

If we are talking about these options, had them activated already before u asked me. Dont even know what made it work for a while.

Me and my son have the same phone (OnePlus6), same story on boths since we got them, no background wallpaper anymore, had no issue for many years with the old LG G2.

Previous log was very clear :slight_smile:

2019-02-24 15:54:21.880 Verbose/WallpaperHelper: [email protected]: Live wallpaper and not forced

You did not have the Live wallpaper option selected during that attempt.

Anyway, what wallpaper is currently active on your device? Do you have a tool that replace wallpaper at regular intervals?

One of the default ones, reverted back itslef yesterday.

I know OnePlus has its own launcher, that handle backgrounds and some cool stuff (gestures etc)

I just dont get why it was working yesterday for a while. (lock screen wallpaper still working while playing movies tho, which is weird)

You probably have manually set something at some point. As you use the option to disable restore, I can workaround by not checking that the backup is successful in that case since it won’t be used :slight_smile:

But if the wallpaper is a real one and not a live one there’s still something odd at OnePlus side. There’s no error, the OS says there’s no wallpaper.

Hmmm, im kinda lost, not tweaking much on phones, basicaly everything is default ^^

Whats the difference between a real wallpaper and a live one ?

I start thinking about just deleting and reinstalling Yatse, mybe that Yatse install comes from a backup tool when ive switched from the G2 to the OnePlus.

One is a a single image and there’s API so I can backup them / restore them :slight_smile:
The other is a software that create dynamic images, and there’s no API to backup / restore them.

Anyway as long as you keep the option ‘Désactiver la restauration’ next version will have a workaround.

Ok, waiting for the next update then ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, where those wallpapers/fanarts come from ? Localy synced on the phone/Kodi device or downloaded trought the internet on the fly ?

Either phone cache or from Kodi, Yatse do not download directly on scraper sites.

I was messing with my old Lg G2, and can’t get these wallpapers to work neither anymore ^^

Is that feature works fine for everyone since Kodi18 ?

Ill try on an old TV’s Kodi 17.

Edit ; woops, got upgraded automaticly to Kodi 18.1