Dynamic wallpaper


Yes it works independently of Kodi version.

Provide logs from the other devices.


Was testing with the movie “Avatar”

Heres the one from my Oneplus6 ; debug Oneplus6 to AndroidTV Kodi 18.1.log (175.7 KB)

[email protected]: Changing Wallpaper
2019-02-25 14:56:55.488 Verbose/WallpaperHelper: [email protected]: No previous backup, do backup
2019-02-25 14:56:55.498 Error/WallpaperHelper: [email protected]: No old wallpaper
2019-02-25 14:56:55.498 Verbose/WallpaperHelper: [email protected]: Wallpaper not backuped, ignoring update

From my Old LG G2, on a fresh Yatse install, and fresh Kodi install, just scrapped a movie folder, then refreshed libraries on Yatse on the phone. debug LG-D802 to Kodi 18.1 Android TV.log (462.6 KB)

All previous logs was from my Oneplus6 to Kodi18 on a Windows10 computer.

Could even try on an Nvidia Shield (Android box) if rly needed (same story, no background wallpapers on phones)


Logs are the same your OS says that there’s no previous wallpaper. Don’t know what kind of wallpaper you use of if you use custom roms.

In all cases next version will have a workaround for that.


Custom LineageOS rom on the old phone, nothing on the Oneplus.

Cool, i keep an eye on the update, thanks for the great support :wink:


Ive seen that update from tofay hehe :smiley:

Was using Nova launcher for the wallpapers to show up till now, works fine since the new update on the OnePlus launcher.

Good job Tolriq ! :wink:


It’s still just an hack that works because you have the option do not restore activated :frowning:

But at least it’s a workaround.