Crash kodi 18.2 when loading PVR

Hello everyone. please help … after upgrading Yatse to ver 9.1.5 I almost still crash Kodi 18.2 on Ubuntu 16.04 while loading PVR. I use a satellite tuner from TBS. I attach log files to Yatse and Kodi. thanks for every help …
kodi.old.log (919.2 KB) (752.9 KB)

As I said if Kodi crash you need to report to Kodi.

Yatse use the only API available and Kodi should / must not crash when using public API.

the problem is that when using older versions of Yatse everything worked. with the update to ver 9.1.5, all the phones that I use for control started to get problems. with app Kore everything works like me. but Yatse is better and I don’t want to give him up.

That does not change at all where the issue is :slight_smile:

Furthermore Yatse 9.1.5 was released before Kodi 18.2 so you probably also updated Kodi at the same time or near.

Kodi logs stop before the crash and last command successfully returned data to Yatse.

So while you’ll probably won’t believe me, I hope you will report to them so that the issue is fixed, because no Yatse does not send a please crash command to Kodi.

They will ask for the crash dump that I can’t read or analyse on my side.

ok, i’ll try to contact kodi support :slight_smile: thank you for the time you devoted to my problem;)

at this point I found out what the problem is. Kodi 18.2 uses the new API, and Yatse 9.1.5 has warned me that the APIs do not match. “The host uses a newer version of Api.” so I hope the new Api will get to the next update.

Not at all.

That message is shown when you update your Kodi to a newajor version and Yatse auto switch.

There’s nothing new that will come as Yatse already properly support everything.

I really don’t know why people refuse to believe that Kodi have way more bugs than Yatse. Specially PVR that is managed by someone who does not care about JSON.

But since you won’t report to Kodi I suppose I can close this issue since there’s nothing to do on Yatse side and already most users running Kodi 18.2 without issues.

I know Kodi has more mistakes than Yatse because it’s a lot of lines of code, much more lines than Yatse and all the more errors. I just don’t understand why the Kore app loads PVR correctly and it always crashes with Yatse :frowning:

Because Yatse request more data than Kore.

But whatever, there’s an API and Yatse use it, the API is public and is not supposed to crash.

When you use a Logitech universal remote and the TV crash is it Logitech issue or TV issue?
It’s TV, logitech just send codes.

It’s the exact same here.

If Kodi crash it’s a Kodi bug that must be fixed on Kodi side, I suppose you think I should request less data to fix your issue that your specific Kodi version and PVR addon have.
But this would mean that I remove functions for the million other user where it does work properly.

So please as said since 2 days, report the issue to Kodi team, give them the crash dump and they will fix the issue on their side.

There’s nothing I can do on my side, and the fact that you refuse to believe me makes both of us loosing a lot of time for 0 benefit.

I do Yatse since 8 years now and have written every single line of it, and Yatse for windows before that, I coded numerous patches to Kodi and participated in the JSON API definition. I know perfectly what I’m saying and what I’m doing.

I just don’t know anymore what you need to open your eyes, but I’ll now stop trying :frowning:

no no, go with Yatse. it is an amazing app that moves Kodi to a higher level. without Yatse it would be just an ordinary video player. that’s why I’m trying to solve the crash … :slight_smile:

You are not trying to solve it since you have not reported the issue on the only place where it can be solved :slight_smile:

Post an issue on Kodi github with the Kodi logs and crash dump and it will be fixed.

I don’t know what more I can says …

I have already spoken at Kodi Github. thank you very much for your help. I wouldn’t like to miss out on the cool controls like Yatse …

As said you need to provide them the crash dumps so they can analyse the crash.