Concurrent streaming on separate devices


I have a Kodi server which is used both for watching media on the TV it is connected to, and to stream media to a tablet using Yatse + MX Player when I am in another location. This is working fine.

I now have another user in the household, to whom I would like to provide separate access to the same library, with their own watched status / etc on their smartphone using Yatse. I have created another Kodi profile for them to do this, however I see no way for them to access their profile through Yatse at the same time as I am connected using my profile.

I tried the workaround suggested here by Tolriq, which is to have separate webserver ports per profile in Kodi and have each profile setup as separate hosts in Yatse. However, it seems Kodi has to be connected on the relevant profile in order for Yatse to see the host (ie, Kodi will only be accessible on 1 port at a time). This means we cannot both access media at the same time on a different profile.

Is this a Kodi or Yatse limitation ? Or did I miss something in the setup ?

This is a Kodi limitation they do not have user support and very limited profile support.

You can use Plex/Emby or Jellyin that Yatse natively support to properly handle multiple users.

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