Casting from Kodi to Chromecast selecting wrong audio track

When casting from Kodi to Chromecast on yatse 8.6.5 android, it is selecting/playing the commentary audio track (the second track) instead of the primary audio track.

I have been unable to find any option on yatse to change audio tracks.

When watching directly on Kodi the audio track can be changed in the on screen settings, but those are not available when casting.

Is there any way when casting to switch or toggle audio tracks?

Edit: I tried the “next audio track” voice command while playing and it did nothing. I also noticed that the option to change the audio tracks is available in yatse when playing directly from the Kodi server, but disappears when casting. Casting always switches back to the commentary track. Main audio track is DTS 5.1 so should be able to cast fine.

Yatse does not select anything :frowning:

Chromecast does not support audio selection and Kodi does not support transcoding,

And DTS is not supported by Chromecast either: