Cast (audio) from Yatse to chromecast


I see difference between cast to Chromecast and to Sonos (UPnP).

When I cast to Sonos (UPnP) everything works very well and there are no problems.

When I cast to chromecast devices, audio often don’t wants to start play.
It seems that each song has to be put forward for a few seconds before playing.
This must be done after every song???

Chromecast and Sonos are in the same network.
It seems that with casting to chromcast every track needs a kick. (45.7 KB)

As the template you deleted says: No logs no chocolate :slight_smile:

excuse me already uploaded

Logs shows some error on Chromecast when playing the transcoded media.

Would require Emby logs too.

Which one do you need?
The strange thing is that when I play music and cast with the Embey app. I have no problems !!

The server one :wink:

No need to put !! It’s ike saying I don’t understand why my car does not work my wife’s work ok …

embyserver-63755799632.txt (4.8 MB)
embyserver.txt (9.5 MB)

I hope this files are oké for you

Hum this is strange the server have no logs for the transcoding part.

Can you create me a test account with only access to a few of those wma files so I can reproduce ?

Is the Cast target a real device or an audio group?

Can I test credentials sent with mail? (personal info)

I can only give access to the entire music collection.
I cast to one device not to a group, it make no difference which chromecast.
The problem is present with every chromecast.

Not sure to understand the question about testing? You can send a pm here with a temporary login like tolriq/randomcomplicated password.

About access you can create a temporary library that contains just 1 problematic album in wma like the one you tested and only give access to that one.

I can’t find how to select acces to just one album.
You have now acces to the whole libary.
But this does not matter to the test because my problem appears in almost every selected album.
(by casting to chromecast!!)
It is only a mystery to me how to reproduce the problem.
The problem only occurs when I cast to chromecast and this is not possible the way you want to test now.
Or am I wrong?

I do have a chromecast so will be able to reproduce or not so we’ll know :slight_smile:

But by connecting to your server I have a 100% identical setup it’s way easier to find a possible cause.

So as a quick test:
Can’t play at all “The 1st chapter”
Can play “7 miles to Pittsburgh” and “7 sinners”

Do you have the same result ?

Can you tell me an album that plays but require skipping ?

You can import playlist.
When you try different songs I guess the problem is stil there (108.5 KB)

I just try with album (Sebas Honing - Un-Lok) you can find it easy by recent albums.

This album must require skipping by every track in my case.

Please test attached APK. (Unzip first).

I’ve fixed a wrong transcode profile for WMA but can’t reproduce your issue exactly.
I suppose your device did support the previous profile but badly. (5.6 MB)

Almost every track here is mp3 format

Then see Samsung | Don’t kill my app! in case Samsung breaks things.

I have the same problem by other devices (for example :tablet Lenovo )
I try the APK file later in this afternoon

Well tested on old Google home and Google minis and shield and all plays that album without issues with attached APK.

Oke, I have exactly the same problem on my Lenovo tablet.
I try later the attached file.
As far as thanks in advance for your grate support