Android TV Remote Compatibility

Since the Basic Layout of Yatse’s Remote is almost identical to the one of Google’s ATV Remote Control it would be really nice to just keep using Yatse’s by far Superior Remote when leaving Kodi to do something else. This could be achieved, fairly easy by writing a small plug in that acts as Call-Wrapper for Googles ATV Remote Server.

There’s 0 documentation about the new Android TV protocols that are no more simple anymote :frowning:

That would be such an great addition to yatse.
Now having two ATVs and we have to switch back and forth in the apps (Ytase, Philips, …).

I have an idea how this can be managed, see his video:
The app CetusPlay opens an server port on the ATV and the smartphone app sends the remote commands to it.

Could this be a way to go? (New yatse app on ATV which received remote commands)

Thx a lot and keep up the good work

If it was that simple :slight_smile: Even if I went that way proper implementation would be too slow and ADB based to have the largest support.

This is way too much work, I hope Google provides a real API one day.

Sad, there is no API from google there.
Would be nice to see an ATV <> yatse implementation some day.


It’s been a while since this thread started.
I was hoping for an open source code from google either but it seems that does’nt come :frowning:
Do you have an contact at google to ask?
I tried it but did’nt found any email address for support of such things.

Currently using “pylips” project from my smarthome to controll my PHYLIPS android tv over their api.

Is it possible to implement this?

Thanks a lot

Nope sorry, Yatse have a open API to create custom commands if you want so you can integrate some commands yourself :wink:

Sorry, too time consuming for me as noob :slight_smile:

Sorry to bother you again with this.
Maybe i dont get it right, but whats the purpose of the “yatse-customcommandsplugin-api”?
I am not able to write some middleware between yatse custom commands <> ATV, i am an android noob.

But what i am already capable of is using custom commands (http requests) to my smarthome which can control the ATV. Sadly i cant assign an cutsom command to the arrow, back & player control keys.

Is this possible?

Thank you

No you can’t replace those but you can replace nearly all buttons including long press, that’s plenty of buttons to assign anything you need.

ok, thx for clearing things up.

So here is my feature request :grinning:

Option to disable the current arrow/ok/back/touchpad keys and replace it with: arrow/ok/back/play/stop/pause/forrward/rewind without the interactive playbar which occurs when something is playing in kodi.

This way, yatse is nearly an universal remote for users like me which are using http requests to other hosts (smarthome…)

Would this be possible?

No and out of scope of Yatse, would trigger wayy too much support for an ultra specific need.

ok, thx anyway.



I know this is an old thread, but was curious if android tv development was still being considered? Maybe different project? Really like using your remote, but have recently switched away from kodi and use android tv with tivimate on a shield.


PingPong :wink: me again.
Still hoping to use yatse for android tv someday.

In play store more and more ATV remotes popping up which are working.
Have found an github repo: GitHub - LaszloEr/TVRemote: Android TV remote control

Don’t know if it works?

Are there any hopes to get yatse support for ATV?


Most require a server part and require users to enable ADB in the settings.
This is a complex requirement for users.

I think not. Normally you have to accept an adb client connection, that I never did for my smartphone. After installing the app and press connect after search, it showed me an code on my TV and after entering it, it worked straight.

Well I never found any documentation / library about that mode and the github you gave does not work like that.

Thanks for looking again into it.

Another idea:
develop an ATV service “Yatse for Android TV” or similar which opens an opert with your own api.
The app receives commands and forward it to the ATVs key receive handler.
This way, you have your own api and dont rely on undocumented/proprietary APIs.

The hope never dies :slight_smile:

That does not work in any recent Android versions, it must go via ADB and have the user accept :frowning:

But yes keep looking for a library if there’s more apps, there’s maybe something somewhere that I did not find.