Android TV Remote Compatibility

I think i found and answer for what we are looking for: Is there an API or SDK to create a remote control application on SmartPhone for Android TV - Stack Overflow

Are you an google partner and can download the library and SDK documentation?

I’m not I already found out about that one. But that link have a new answer now with someone who reverse engineered the whole stuff and have documented it :slight_smile:

This is less than 2 month old and it’s really cool that they documented it all.

This is a nice find even if by luck :stuck_out_tongue: So I might look again into that after the holidays.

My idea is that the navigation/back/playback controls of yatse are sent to the ATV when connected and all other stuff like it is now to kodi over JSON RPC.

No problem take your time and have a nice holiday.


Hello, I have a few ideas:
Can you measure the network and Bluetooth traffic coming from the official Android TV remote control?
And can you “listen in” to the service from CetusPlay and incorporate it into Yatse?
And it’s possible to use the Kodi remote for Android too?
Thank you
Goodbye, Nico