Android Auto now playing image missing

The problem refers to the image during playback
For images during scrolling everything is in order

debug.log (64.7 KB)

I said new issue :wink:

Anyway your log is really strange is seem Yatse is trying to connect to both internal and external IP.

Do you have flaky Wifi connection?

I tested it at home with the phone connected to the LAN and the Plex server is on the NAS in the same network.
However, I do not have problems with wifi

Probably solved
the first time I added the host I was connected to the LAN via Wifi
the address was the public one, therefore reachable from the external network but once out of the LAN always had problems with images (but not with audio).
Today I deleted and re-added Plex server out of my LAN
and voila all the images in their place.
I ask Tolriq if all this can have a reason.

Thank you

Well not fully, this explain the external IP but not why Yatse tries to use both at the same time.

Do you add your host with the first login screen or press skip and add it after?

Absolutely on the first screen.

However I did other tests at home and I have the impression that Yatse during the session does not like switch between local and external network.

anyway the phone normally stays in the car so no problem

I only wonder if the problem can happen even with external Wifi networks

I’m afraid the connection has nothing to do with it.
The only way to get all the images in Android Auto
is to browse all the artists and albums in Yatse as long as the image appears or save all the previews in the music cache.
The second option is much better but should be repeated every time something is added to the media server.
If the process were automatic it would be great

thank you

The issue is 100% related to the connection :wink:

If you browse before, the image is in cache so there’s no connection issue as there’s no need for a connection :wink:

I just need to reproduce your issue to fix it and currently can’t so hard to understand.

Hello and always thanks for the support

Do you mean that when I open Yatse ALL images should be immediately available?
if you mean this I say no … a good 10/20% remains dark and you have to wait several seconds for the filling
but if I immediately switch to AA the empty images will no longer be recovered

No what I say is that once the image are cached there’s no connection issues :wink:

And that as said when on Auto there’s a connection issue that prevent the download.

However …

just got out of the car
I have all the previews saved in the cache inside the sd card
and I see them all in AA
but …
the background of any song is totally black …

: (((

but why disable Android Auto?
I was expecting the last accommodations but it was my reference app for music in the car :anguished::anguished:

what a bad news …

You are in beta just return to normal version.

And it’s removed from beta because :

App does not perform as expected
Your app does not perform all functions properly or as expected from a user perspective.

They reject the app since they updated Android Auto, but all still works perfectly here, so I have no idea what they have broken and what workaround I should find with 0 details like that.
Let’s hope they fix their bug or at least answers, but I can’t stop fixing other issues for the 0,001% of users that use Auto.

I do not understand…
do you mean that the normal version works on AA and the beta does not?
the only problems I reported here are on the images and the background …

I do not think I’m the only one to use AA with Yatse

This is not related to you Google does refuse Yatse to be pushed with AA activated and the reason is cryptic.

I’m sure they broke something in last AA but until they answer / fix nothing I can do.

I installed the latest stable version

and it works perfectly in AA


Well let’s hope they answer or at some point I’ll be forced to remove AA to go forward.

I am pleased to see support for AA with the last beta.
I inform you that the image during the play always works
however there are many of the thumbnails that are not loaded and the progress bar remains stationary or does not start from the beginning.
these are the only issues I have noticed.
thank you

I connect to this post where you say that the issue is not so difficult to fix but after more than 3 months I have to understand if you forgot it or have decided to permanently abandon the Android Auto support … it would be a shame because your app is much better than Plex …

What part of “I just need to reproduce your issue to fix it and currently can’t so hard to understand.” could possibly makes you think that it’s not difficult to fix …

You are the only one reporting the issue, I can’t reproduce, I’m not a magician, you never fully reported again news logs and new details about the connection except trying to explain me that I was wrong then complaining when AA rejected the app, I don’t really see much help either :wink: