Android Auto now playing image missing


ah … it’s probably a misunderstanding of translation … I understood it was easy to fix
did I give you wrong? I really did not understand why google rejected the app I do not see where I would have attacked you.
If you then tell me that you can not solve the requests of 0.01% of your users you make me understand that it is better to abandon for this I stopped sending you reports
but to date the app is regularly in the AA players but does not load most of the thumbnails if you give me the ok I can send you the log


I always needs logs …


summary of these months: I uploaded the Plex host out of the LAN to avoid confusion. As soon as the host is loaded if I open AA ALL thumbs are loaded regularly.
All this applies only for the first entry into AA … from the second access the 70/80% of thumbs and backgrounds are not loaded

this is the log starting from the loading of the host (985.2 KB)

  1. As long as you use the first screen with PlexTV login to connect Yatse can and will use local or wan address depending on your situation. To avoid that you need to manually add the host.

  2. I do not see any errors all files are properly served, if they are not displayed it’s either an AA issue or the images are not yet cached. To be sure to cache all images properly you need to use cache manager in Settings/Library/Expert/Manage cache and download all the images.