Android 10 Navigation bar color

Light color looks pretty ugly when app is dark. Telegram has dark colored navigation bar so there’s a way

And once again no logs and no details :wink:

There’s way for many hacks and tons of things, currently the Google libraries that fully support Q are not out yet as final, but that bar follow currently the OS level configuration so if you are not in dark mode it’s not dark, use Yatse light theme to match :wink:

Hmm what logs and details would you need exactly to solve this issue? It’s not specific to any particular device I think.

Maybe you’re looking for this?

As always OS, phone, … Logs are mandatory and yes I know how to handle some part and as I said some libraries from Google are still not out out beta/rc stage.

Usually you just don’t post a screenshot saying ugly, removing the mandatory template without necessary information to understand, do you really think this kind of post sounds nice?

OS is in the title and it’s basically the same with every phone on Android 10.
Or is it specific to certain models and doesn’t apply to all phones on Android 10? If yes, I wasn’t aware of that.

Android 10 is not precise OS. And yes each device have specific implementation and missing things.
There’s even different things on Google devices that they activate or not depending on processor power. Add One Plus special treatment and Samsung even different one and you reach the fact that yes the template and the logs are mandatory as explained multiples to you already :wink:

Typically that bar and the back animation can change color or not based on the color of what is behind or not. (In that case this does not apply to the bottom bar due to the fact I do not draw behind due to the lack of final Google libraries versions (Waiting for to reach 1.2 stable).

And as a reminder: Android Q feedback thread :wink:

Edit and BTW to avoid harrassment later I’m also waiting for to reach final that is waiting for

The thing about androidx is that stable is not always stable. I’m using androidx preference in an app and it’s crashing my PreferenceFragmentCompat with a stack overflow since I updated it to latest stable. It’s also still on 1.1.0 I think.

Oh I must’ve overlooked that thread.

Don’t worry I have a few clues about stability :wink: (And no issues with 1.1 preferences)


Anyway the issue is not core by itself but it’s interfaces and impact on fragment / activity and a few others that I would need to update to follow and will keep stable in my builds.

I’m surprised too. Been using preference for over a year but since I updated to 1.1, there’s an infinite recursion happening, ultimately leading to a stack overflow when a preference’s value is changed.

Turned out it was this issue. I’m not even using androidx.recyclerview:recyclerview. Guess it’s being pulled in by something else.

Could have told you with logs :wink:
CompatPreferences use recycler view to display the settings now so they are quite tied.

Yeah but it depends recyclerview 1.0 and according to reddit, the bug was introduced in the 1.1 betas. So pretty weird actually.

Anyways, I just added androidx.recyclerview:recyclerview:1.1.0-rc01 myself and now it’s working even better than with the so called stable release :smiley:

A bit off-topic and yes, you’ll probably need logs but I just wanted to give you a quick heads up.

I sometimes have the issue that the text input field in yatse is not showing when Kodi shows a text input like when searching something. Remote control is working fine still but it seems Yatse is not receiving the event from Kodi.
Are you receiving the event via the eventserver or the jsonrpc websocket? I’ve got the eventserver turned on in Yatse and the issue only occurs rarely.

The issue is usually fixed by either making Yatse reconnect to Kodi or force closing Yatse.

I always need logs :wink:

I got notifications via a TCP channel that’s neither of those :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s enabled on Kodi side via the EventServer settings, don’t ask why :wink:

This could be a race condition, a malformed Kodi message or anything like a custom dialog from an addon that does not trigger the message, so well I guess you already know what I need :wink:

I doubt it’s that because the same dialog is working fine after reconnecting / force closing. I’ll try to provide you with logs when the issue occurs next.

I guess you mean that ‘thing’ on port 9090 then. And you’re using the eventserver to send the input events like left right etc?

Yes TCP 9090.
Event Server is used when available for all commands that JSON does not handle as one would expect or are not available at all.

Fun part is that something I tried to get inside Kodi for years and was always refused by one stupid guy from Kodi Team (the one who ended up banning me) will finally maybe arrive now that that stupid guy have left Kodi without any warning or comment :wink:

I’m just trying to figure out why remote would still work while Yatse does not receive the text input request from Kodi.

Who do you mean left Kodi?

I’ve recently fixed the navigation bar color in an app of mine by just setting navigation bar color to transparent in styles similar to what you already do with the status bar.

Maybe worth a try?


For that it’s necessary to draw under the bar, and that require the proper insets for many things like the now playing bar and some hacks I use for some non moving layouts.

I know you want to help but I know what I’m doing :wink: The Google releases are not that far away as ViewPager2 1.0 is out. They went through a RC3 but let’s hope everything is release in under a month.


I have similar problem on my Samsung Galaxy Note 9, running stock (unmodified Samsung flavour of) Android 10.

Yatse is always using light background for navigation bar. This looks terrible. See screenshot.
This happens regardless of system theme or Yatse theme.

The ideal scenario (at least for me) would be if Yatse followed system theme. My phone is configured to enable light system theme as sunrise and dark theme at sunset. (or any arbitrary hours)

Analogously, yatse would set itself to light theme on sunrise and light nav-bar, and dark theme on sunset with dark nav-bar.
Would this be possible?
Or simply at least enforce dark background for nav bar when dark theme in Yatse itself is enabled?

I attach also screenshot of google chrome changing nav bar color together with light and dark theme.

I would be happy to provide any additional logs or do debugging, or beta testing.

I greatly appreciate your efforts,

ps. I use Yatse 9.5.5a pro from play store. (2.0 KB)