Android Q feedback thread

So now that Android 10/Q is out officially more people will start using it :slight_smile:

This thread is to start talking about gesture navigation and the different elements of Yatse like the left/right drawers or the gesture remote.

If you have any issues as always describe them here :slight_smile:

Do you intent to use Android 10 gesture navigation?
Do you know how drawer opening work in that mode?
Do you use your phone 1 handed?

Any other remarks?

PS: This post will probably be updated with time with more questions, do not hesitate to check it.

The yatse unlocker legacy doesnt work on Android 10, and I cant validate my purchase.

It does work :slight_smile:

read and provide if there’s thing you do not understand.

and thanks for the nice bad rating :wink:

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Sorry for the bad rating, already deleted.
No need the sarcasm.Screenshot_20190908-105555

Im on oxygen os open beta on oneplus 7 pro

Edit: Now its working, sorry for the inconvenience.