Youtube sharing not working

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In case Google does index correctly this post, and supposing that users will eventually do a Google search (they don’t) :slight_smile:

So when Youtube plugin breaks on Kodi side sharing youtube videos also breaks by default since well the plugin is used to play the videos.
This is 100% out of Yatse scope and there’s nothing I can do to fix that addon.

But by magic Yatse also offer an addon that does work and is under my control How to install and configure Yatse Add-on for Kodi and does fit that need (and support many many many more site than just Youtube).
And when this addon breaks, contacting support with logs will have the issue solved fast, bad ratings on Play Store will never fix anything.

Have a nice day to the 2 people that will read this.

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I have just signed up to blab about this issue.
Now will check out the solution.

Hi Tolriq,

Not sure if I understood correctly, but does this mean I can share youtube videos to kodi via yatse addon without having youtube addon on kodi?

If so, how would I do that? I have yatse kodi addon, but if I uncheck “prefer youtube addon for youtube links” it throws error if I try send youtube video. Do I need a different app?


Yes it can and I need logs as always: How to get debug information and open a proper issue

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