YouTube "Play on Media Center" stopped working for Live streams

A strange problem popped up about a week ago:
“Normal” YouTube videos play as they should.
Only the live streamed videos (that are archived, not sure about actual live-live streams) won’t play, and I get a “Missing Yatse Addon” notification.
I tried installing the Yatse plugin on Kodi (never used it before, while using Yatse for many years), but that didn’t help.
Browsing to the video on Kodi using the YouTube plugin plays the videos without any issues.

These videos used to play without any issues using the “Play\Queue on Media Center” buttons…

Additional information:
I recently updated my Kodi installations, but on both Kodi 19.5 and 20 the problem is the same.

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I think you missed the important part of the template that you deleted.

Be sure to read How to get debug information and open a proper issue to provide necessary logs and information.
Any issue without the logs can be automatically closed without further notice.