Yatse with cloudflare tunnel?

I’m trying to connect to my Jellyfin that is using a cloudflare tunnel. I can enter the domain with port 80. It connects but has trouble streaming and updating watched status. Any tips?

Be sure to read How to get debug information and open a proper issue to provide necessary logs and information.
Any issue without the logs can be automatically closed without further notice.

Issue description:

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Additional information:

Here are the logs. Some movies are streaming, but not tv shows.

debug-20230404_070848.zip (9.8 KB)

No errors in those logs everything works from Yatse POV.

You are using VLC so be sure to use the latest snapshots to have resume points working on Android 13.

If some media fails to Play in VLC you need to see VLC logs, try Mx Player it’s currently usually more stable.

Your right, I change the player and everything works.

But when I try to mark something as watched, it fails.

debug-20230404_075101.zip (5.2 KB)

Your Jellyfin server returns error 405 when I send the command check it’s log to know why they bug.

It works fine with ip address. Just having issues when using a domain.

The error is returned by Jellyfin or the proxy there’s nothing I can do about it. There’s no other calls and no other way to call it.
The fact that it works with the IP proves it.

The other apps work fine. I’ve used the Jellyfin app and the web browser as well.

Then use the other apps?

Something returns error 405 if you can’t find Jellyfin logs then you can repeat as much as you want that it’s Yatse’s fault there’s nothing I can do if I don’t know why Jellyfin behind cloudflare returns an error for one endpoint.

You do realize that everything else works, that it works with IP but you are certain that it can only be Yatse’s fault because ?

You know. I’ve used this app for many years and am a paid user. I’ve love all the features that you have provided. Never had any issues. I don’t like this harassment. I’m doing process of elimination. Which is what you should be doing. If it’s is yatse’s fault, then let’s resolve it together and not point fingers. If you need logs, then I will try to get them. Please do not treat me like that again. I thought you as a developer would have some insight with this issue. I’m not accusing your app.

Also, your the only app that does offline really well with Jellyfin. So I would like this to work if possible.

So I resolved the issue when I try to mark an episode as watch. I had to change the port to 443. So far everything is good. Except the performance when streaming is slower for some episodes than using the ip address.

So I asked multiple times for Jellyfin logs you answer that other apps works without providing it but I’m the one harassing?

You come here and ignore the template, reporting and a first issue that is not Yatse related, then another one that is again not Yatse related (Yes I know how to read the logs so the elimination process is already done since the logs clearly state the issue …).

So no here the thing is more, please give some respect to the place you go to and listen to the guy you are asking help from …

For the performance Yatse is not involved the data goes directly from Jellyfin to your player.