Yatse voice command multiple entries of same franchise

Be sure to read https://yatse.tv/wiki/debug-yatse-kodi-remote to provide necessary logs and information.

Issue description:
I have a couple of tv shows or movies of the same franchise. Is there a way of differentiating which one to play using voice control? maybe nicknames or something? When I say doctor who or doctor who 2005 it always uses the classic version for example.

[Support] Yatse logs - 20200915_105145.zip (8.8 KB)

Additional information:

I need logs and corresponding real show names to train the agent your logs only have some scooby do try.

Thanks Tolriq,

I’ve attached 3 different logs for this with different phrases. I didn’t want to go into too much detail this morning if it was something that you’d already dealt with and could send an FAQ that I’d missed. Hopefully I haven’t caused you too much trouble.

First is Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? which seems to have resolved itself since this morning somehow.debug-20200915_221640 Scooby Doo Where Are You.zip (27.6 KB)
The second was “the Scooby Doo Show” https://www.thetvdb.com/series/the-scooby-doo-show debug-20200915_222003 The Scooby Doo Show.zip (18.9 KB)
Third was Doctor Who. I tried both “Doctor Who” and “Doctor Who 2005”. It found classic “Doctor Who” (https://www.thetvdb.com/series/doctor-who) but not the new version (https://www.thetvdb.com/series/doctor-who-2005). debug-20200915_222234 Doctor Who.zip (18.0 KB)

As I have youngsters around this may apply to new Disney Movies (e.g. Lion King animated etc). I also asked it earlier to run “Aladdin” but it kept running “Aladdin:Prince of Thieves”.

Do you think it would be possible to set nicknames for things like this? If there’s anything I can do to help please let me know.

Scooby doo did not fix somehow :stuck_out_tongue: I did train the agent to recognize it :wink: Reason I need the logs and details.

For doctor who the logs does not contain that. How is named the show inside Kodi?

For the others I also just need logs and precise details to train the agent.

Hi Tolriq,

Thanks heaps for that. If I can find some time tomorrow I’ll go through my library with a few of these, and the associated name in Kodi, name each log at the time and post the ones that cause issues, as well as the commands I tried.

Thanks for the really quick replies

Hi Tolriq,

I’ve added a few logs here. The main point about it here is Frozen.
When I searched for Frozen 2 it won’t work. This is important because the Movie Database names it “Frozen II”. So all movies that have been named with II won’t work unless you say the letters II rather than 2. Frozen II 2 debug-20200916_101115.zip (19.5 KB)

Next one is Doctor Who. I worked out what happened last night. When I opened Yatse this morning it informed me that it was still logging, so obviously I thought I’d sent it and didn’t. Now, the tv show in the TVDB (which is what I have used as a kodi scraper) is named “Doctor Who (2005)”. Yatse doesn’t understand if I say 2005. If I just ask for Doctor Who, season 1 episode 1, it is queuing the episode from both versions of the show, classic first. I don’t know if there’s much that can be done there, but at least I understand what is happening now.Doctor Who debug-20200916_101824.zip (28.6 KB)

Next up, Aladdin. This one has me somewhat puzzled. When I ask for Aladdin it brings in “Aladdin and the King of Thieves”. In Kodi I also have “Aladdin (1992)” and “Aladdin (2019)”. But it prefers Aladdin and the King of Thieves. Aladdin debug-20200916_100450.zip (11.1 KB)

Then we get into Scooby Doo. On my system, tv shows only, I have a few:

The Lion King is also struggling. I was trying to get the first disney Lion King movie. Lion Kingdebug-20200916_100827.zip (32.1 KB)
It either picked music which I wasn’t even aware was in Kodi, or another movie in the franchise. These are the names as per Kodi:

  • The Lion King (1994)
  • The Lion King (2019)
  • The Lion King 1 1/2 (2004)
  • The Lion King II:Simbas Pride (1998)

And Finally (for now anyway), the tv show MAS*H. This is of course hampered by the fact that the tv show had asterisks in the name. It had success playing a sequel show (AfterMASH), but not the original. I tried “M Asterisk A Asterisk S Asterisk H Asterisk” (but obviously it struggled with my diction), “MASH”, “M Star A Star S Star H Star”. “MASH” would be the preferred pronunciation I’d say.MASH debug-20200916_103401.zip (16.8 KB)

So made a couple of changes to improve a few things.

For the multiple items with same name there’s room for improvement on Yatse side but will need code update. Don’t really know how I’ll handle all the cases yet :slight_smile:

For MASH not a lot of solutions rename the show MASH :slight_smile: There’s multiple valid names I can’t force one with the * as it can break other peoples.

And as a final recommendation as the Wiki says you sometimes needs to help the agent better understand what you want.
So to play videos use watch and for music listen. the play command lack info for the agent to decide.

Thanks Tolriq, haven’t tested anything, I’m only awake because a little one decided it’s a good time to wake up.
I’ve been really impressed with yatse overall, so I’m certainly not complaining. Those were just things I had noticed so thought I’d raise them in case they helped you. Thanks a heap