Yatse Sagas Without Poster (Plex)

Hi, I have a Lot of time using Yatse with Kodi, and now that i have Plex (and Discover how to make Sagas or collections), In Yatse Those Sagas don’t have a Poster or Fanart (in the Screenshot you will see the problem) , i have never experience this with Kodi.
I don’t have any collection in Kodi for now, i passed almost all to Plex (because i can access with any Network) but like i said, i remember have one saga (Back to the future, i think), and have at least one poster to show

I activate the “debug mode” in Yatse. And i will leave the Log here
debug.log (456.3 KB)

Plex Media server (Raspbian):

Yatse (Android):

By the way great software, Thank you very much.

Hum this is strange the logs shows that Plex does not return the arts for the collections. Will need to check if they have changed the API in the most recent server builds :frowning:

Will be fixed in next release.

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Ok. Thank You for the hard work, i will be waiting :+1: