Yatse Remote on Android device Keeps going offline

I have been using the android version of Yatse remote on my phone on my Libreelec for a few years, but within the past few months and releases, I have noticed the remote has been going offline while watching and the remote not being used, so if I wake up my phone to hit a function, the remote says offline, I have to close out the remote and open again and then it’s back online. I’ve never had this issue prior, and have used it at work and at home on multiple RPI 2 devices with never an issues.

I have added in the K settings UPnP and and made sure allow remote control via HTTP is enable

It happens on either WiFi or Lan, anything else I can set in the settings, or something I’m missing ??

You are missing the logs that the templates describes as mandatory.

Can’t tell anything without those except you have an issue.

Thanks, once I can reproduce the issue next time I use it, I will generate the log and upload, cheers

Of course, now that I want to do a log and replicate the issue, it’s not doing it, once it does it again, I will post the log, cheers all